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Light and Sound Show Hong Kong Harbour

The Free Light and Sound show Hong Kong

The largest permanent light and sound show (according to the Guinness Book of World Records anyway) is in Hong Kong. It takes place every night at 8:00pm.

When you go, be sure to get there early. We got there at 7:30, and there weren’t seats left. It was standing room only.

The best viewing area is at the Star Ferry Pier at Victoria Harbour in Kowloon. (We went after our visit to the jade market, which is also in Kowloon).
The Free Light and Sound show Hong Kong
To be honest, the show itself isn’t as spectacular as I was expecting it to be after all the hype.

But, what is absolutely amazing is all the coordination that has to happen to get 20+ buildings to coordinate lights + sound for 14 minutes of free entertainment.

I don’t know if it gets better than that.
The Free Light and Sound show Hong Kong
The light show itself is timed to a 5 musical movement. Each movement represents a different aspect of Chinese culture. (It wasn’t narrated, so I’m not sure what each one was. I do know that one was “celebration”.)

We had a great day of free entertainment – all it cost us was the HKD $2 (USD $0.26) ferry ride for the view.

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  1. Mom

    Sounds really cool! We’re still really impressed with the downtown Las Vegas show, plus now they’ve added zip lines!!

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