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Jade Market, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Jade Market

When Jonathan went to China in 2002, he talked about the jade. How there was so much beautiful jade, and all of it was inexpensive.

When I heard that there was a jade market in Hong Kong, I knew I had to go there.
Hong Kong Jade Market
It’s tucked in between two side streets in Kowloon, and there are two different buildings that are basically warehouses where people set up small stands selling everything you can imagine.

There is jade everything, pearls hanging everywhere, and bargaining aplenty.
Hong Kong Jade Market
I went with nothing particular in mind, just browsing. But who can really spend an afternoon looking at jewelry and come away empty handed? Not me. Not me.

Be sure that you visit both buildings of the jade market. There are different things in each one, and each little stall is better than the one before.
Hong Kong Jade Market

4 thoughts on “Jade Market, Hong Kong

  1. Mom

    I hope you bought something while you were there — we bought a little rabbit because we were born in the year of the rabbit. I know how much you love jade!!

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