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Carrie and Jonathan’s Top 100

There’s been a lot of talk lately about a “bucket list”. This is the list of things you want to do in life before you “kick the bucket” (otherwise known as dying).

The Top 100 is NOT our bucket list. These are more like our top 100 things we’re striving for in life at the moment.

Life, as it sometimes does, has plans to teach us things that we can choose to let crush us, or we can choose to let grow us.

Either way, having a list of things you want to BE, DO, and HAVE, are what pull you through all the difficult times.  They keep you in line with where you want to go and stop you from getting stuck along the way.

Some of these are the kinds of things you can cross off of a list… but many of them are not.

Each of our lists was originally created in 2003.

You’ll see some items have been crossed off.

But this top 100 is a living, moving, working document, and many of these things require daily attention, for life.

Example: “I have a strong marriage.”

This is not the kind of item you should be crossing off once you feel you’ve accomplished it.

So, the “Top 100” below are like affirmations for our life goals. They are also reminders.

100 things can be too much to focus on every day.  So we post these around wherever we’re living, so that we can help ourselves and each other.

(At times, we’ve even had laminated copies hanging in our shower!)

We see these lists (and each other’s), very frequently.  This keeps our minds reminded of what we are working towards, and cues our minds in those directions. (Jonathan’s is set as his homepage.)

We hope that seeing our lists inspire you to create your own. Keep it in front of you daily, so you can know and be reminded of why you are doing the things you are doing in your life.

Jonathan Carrie
  • I am a free spirit
  • I use my abilities to their full potential
  • I constantly grow my mental capabilities
  • I am excellent at getting things done
  • I am excellent at trusting others to get things done
  • I earn $12,000.00 in monthly passive income from affiliate marketing
  • I read a minimum of one pers. development/bus. book per month
  • I seek out and connect with people who are headed in positive directions
  • I look for ways to ask for help
  • I constantly expand my vision and create real-world visuals to tune my vision
  • I am able to use the latest technology in meaningful ways on a daily
  • I have at least 10 web sites generating residual income
  • I write reflections a minimum of 5 times/week
  • I work out daily
  • I develop my vocal talent daily
  • I eat at least 4 servings of natural fruit on a daily basis
  • I eat at least 4 servings of natural vegetables on a daily basis
  • I am a PPL Executive Director earning passive monthly income (September, 2009)
  • I investigate new affiliate opportunities daily
    (This became much less important to me with things I learned 2010-2013.)
  • I spend a year traveling around the world
    (October, 2010 – and for another year)
  • I take a trip through Northern Europe, visiting friends and making new contacts
    (September/October, 2011 And February, 2012. Also returning.)
  • I have a marriage that is an example to married couples and those wanting to be married
  • I appreciate my family more, each day
  • I eat healthier day by day
  • I have a 6-pack (abs)
  • I do a one-hour health check-up (mental) every month
  • I take necessary vitamins and minerals daily
  • I help others learn to do the daily activities which lead to passive and
    residual income
  • I spend a month living by myself, not seeing anyone, or having outside
  • I show appreciation to my friends at all times
  • I go snorkeling at least once/year
    (Became less important to me after SCUBA Certification: 2009)
  • I improve my piano skills daily
  • I sit in a place where cinnamon is harvested
  • I learn Spanish (February-April, 2010)
  • I am able to frequently visit family and friends all over the world
  • I have and use sharp dancing shoes
  • I enjoy weekly massages
  • I improve my guitar skills daily
  • I have at least one million dollars available in liquid assets
  • I travel to Africa regularly
  • I build stronger friendships
  • I learn to use Reiki concepts to bring healing to people around me and
    around the world
  • I develop a deeper understanding daily of my intuition
  • I am able to lay in the sun without sunscreen
  • I learn to scuba (October, 2010)
  • I scuba dive frequently
  • I build homes for Habitat for Humanity
  • I donate blood at least 1x every 12 months
  • I gain greater understanding daily of my role as a global citizen
  • I constantly find and work with new teachers to help my spiritual
  • I explore opportunities to develop my energetic skills
  • I own investment/rental property (2013)
  • I hike the Swiss Alps
  • I am a very skilled swing dancer
  • I learn Chinese
  • I learn about public transportation systems
  • I finish the Roads Theory
  • I publish 10 books
  • I try food I have never heard of each month
  • I spend a week in Hawaii
  • I learn French
  • I go to Mazatlan (2013) and Mexico City
  • I make 10,000 people simultaneously say, “I never thought about it like
    that before”
  • I own multiple custom-tailored schnazzy suits (April, 2011 – Vietnam.)
  • I visit Antarctica and the Antarctica Falkland Islands
  • I teach people how to build financial security
  • I donate $10,000 to Covenant House every 5 years
  • I Donate $10,000 to Make-A-Wish every 5 years
  • I have kids who other kids look up to
  • I spend a week skiing
  • I go deep sea fishing
  • I set up foundations to bring water to places where fresh drinking water
    isn’t a reality
  • I Donate $10,000 to Crazy Horse memorial every 5 years
  • I design a bush maze
  • I create a song with lyrics which relate so well to people that they
    know all the words (before I sing them) when I sing it in concert
  • I know enough about solar electricity to build solar heating/electric
    systems from scrap materials
  • I swim with dolphins
  • I sell at least 100,000 copies of each book I write
  • I learn about water filtration and can build filtration systems from
    scrap materials
  • I am a pilot
  • I own an airplane
  • I ski the Italian Alps
  • I take a Bahamas cruise
  • I drive to Alaska from Colorado
  • I travel to Tahiti, staying in a hut on the ocean, and eating incredible pineapple (May, 2010 – First trip to Tahiti.)
  • I own my dream home (a model for solar and renewable energy)
  • I sell at least 10,000,000 copies of books I have written
  • I own a Corvette
  • I teach people about healthy water filtration (2008-Present: Greenjoyment.)
  • I sing alone on Carnegie Hall stage for packed house
  • I teach people about solar electricity
  • I own a Jet
  • I teach people about public transportation systems
  • I volunteer to teach theater
  • I travel to a Disney resort at least once every ten years
  • I have a bush maze created on property I own
  • I travel into Space
  • I have my pilot’s license
  • I own an airplane
  • I own a LearJet
  • I fly around the world in my own airplane
  • I bring fresh drinking water to places in Africa that don’t have any
  • I build houses in Africa
  • I visit all seven continents
  • I travel the world on a one-way ticket
  • I have a marriage that other people look at as a positive example
  • I go to the cordon bleu culinary school
  • I speak German like a native
  • I speak Italian fluently
  • I speak conversational Spanish
  • I have been to all fifty states
  • I am athletic, fit, and in shape
  • I weigh 140 pounds and I am 6 feet tall
  • I support Mom in her ideas and goals
  • I live in the home of my dreams
  • I have a live-in housekeeper
  • I am financially independent
  • I climb Machu Pichu
  • I have a vacation home in Italy
  • I own an island vacation home
  • I visit my family (nieces, nephews, brother, sisters, Mom and Larry)
  • I take painting classes
  • I visit a silk factory
  • I have children who other children look up to as role models
  • I am an incredible swing dancer
  • I am an incredible tango dancer
  • I teach my nieces and nephews what it means to be financially
  • I take photography classes
  • I keep up to date scrapbooks
  • I go on safari in Africa
  • I go on walkabout in Australia
  • I visit Palau
  • I swim with jellyfish
  • I visit Tonga
  • I lie on the beach in Hawaii
  • I eat fresh pineapple with no zingy tongue
  • I climb the Acropolis in Athens
  • I take a Mediterranean cruise
  • I visit Turkey
  • I see cherry trees in bloom in Japan
  • I climb the Great Wall of China
  • I see at least one play / musical on Broadway every year
  • I am an excellent mother
  • I am an amazing wife
  • I donate $10,000 to the American Heart Association every 5 years
  • I read at least one personal development book a month
  • I read at least two books every month
  • I own a ’67 Mustang
  • I own an Audi TT
  • I dress in a classy manner
  • I always look my best
  • I swim with manatees
  • I am the healthiest person I know
  • I eat fresh, and healthful foods every day
  • I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
  • I have investment real estate property
  • I improve my piano playing ability daily
  • I have a garden where I grow a surplus of fresh vegetables every year
  • I host great garden parties every spring
  • I have a beautiful yard
  • I have a home where people always feel welcome
  • I go skydiving
  • I go parasailing
  • I am a published author
  • I have good posture
  • I frequently visit my family
  • I am a great friend
  • I am excellent at keeping in contact and maintaining relationships with
  • I work out five days a week
  • I work daily on improving my mind
  • I work daily on improving my body
  • I am strong – physically, emotionally, spiritually
  • I always remember my friends’ / family members’ birthdays
  • I keep up with the latest technology
  • I visit a new art museum every year
  • I see the original Starry Night painting in person
  • I visit the Tanzanite mine
  • I go to Thailand so I can try real Thai food
  • I learn how to cook ethnic food
  • I go to the Taj Majal
  • I take a Jane Austen tour of England
  • I can tile a floor
  • I can put up dry wall
  • I am creative
  • I improve myself daily
  • I am organized
  • I have virtual coffee with Yoda
  • I am supportive of Jonathan’s ideas and interests
  • I get along with people easily
  • I am a better person every day
  • I visit every country in Europe
  • I visit Russia and see the palaces with the onion caps
  • I have a successful business on the Internet which brings in at least
    $10,000 in passive cash flow every month
  • I travel to exotic places that most people (in the US) have never heard
  • I visit with “faraway” friends on a regular basis

Feel free to borrow ideas if you find ones you like. (Giving credit in the form of a link back to us, or a comment on our site, is, of course, appreciated.)

For more about the power of goal setting and affirmations (and a really cool tool to build a video of your ideal life), visit GAPFlix

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