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The Peak Tram (and Peak), Hong Kong

The Peak Tram Hong Kong
We had perfect timing today. We managed to walk up, buy our tickets, and get right on the tram. There were plenty of open seats, and it wasn’t crowded at all.

The Peak Tram (Cable Car or Trolley, depending on whom you ask), is another of the must-do experiences in Hong Kong.
The Peak Tram Hong Kong
The Peak Tram’s route from Central district to Victoria Peak covers a distance of about 1.4 (.87miles) kilometres and a height difference of 400 metres(1312 feet).

I found the aisle interesting. It was wavy. By each row of seats the aisle had a dip in it. I didn’t know what this was for, until we rode it back down…

Definitely splurge and pay the extra HKD 20 (US$ 2.60) to get admission to the viewing platform. It’s a further 8 stories above the ground level.
The Peak Tram Hong Kong
Since the whole reason for taking the peak tram is see the view at the top, pay the money and see it.

Then try to look directly into the sun and take pictures of yourself.
The Peak Tram Hong Kong
There’s a massive shopping mall at the top, (but I haven’t seen anywhere in HK where there wasn’t a massive shopping mall of some kind). And there are some huge private residences (I can only imagine how much they cost).

But as far as other things to do once you’ve reached the peak, that’s about it.

You can walk down from the top (which would have been a good idea for us, but we didn’t know it until we were up there and had already bought round-trip tram tickets). The walk would take about an hour.

On the way down, the line was really long, and the tram was very crowded. I had to stand in the aisle.

I learned that those dips and waves in the aisle were very handy. They became like stairs so that I could stand comfortably without sliding around.
The Peak Tram Hong Kong
Jonathan, unfortunately, stood by the door, and he slid around quite a bit.

We would also like to say a big Thank You to the kind person who turned our camera case in to the lost and found. We left it on the tram on the ride up, but we were able to collect it before going back down.

The world is full of good people. Thank you!

The Peak Tram Hong Kong

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  1. Cora - Boquete Gourmet

    Oh, my gosh, you bring back such fine memories. David and I walked up to the tram station and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. We’re so happy for you to be there. We’d recommend a trip up the Pearl River. Miss you, D&C

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