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Pravin, the waiter – salary $90/month
We’ve learned he has a daughter, she’s 4.
He’s waiter, room service, maitre’d, all but chef…
delivering food, up/down stairs to each floor.

And today I met a man named Ali,
A man who has bloody gums.
He lives in Udaipur, India
making journals with his chums.

I bought one of Ali’s journals.
In the street the tuk-tuks went beep.
I didn’t want to bargain,
though this journal could have been cheap.

Ali seemed quite satisfied
to be working in this place.
Though his mouth was rotting to be sure…
A line of dry crusty blood on his face.

But he smiled and joked and laughed aloud
though his position seemed quite grim.
Saving one dollar fifty means a little to me,
But when earned it means a good day for him.


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