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Indian Cooking Classes at The Spice Box in Udaipur

Indian Cooking Classes at The Spice Box in Udaipur
I knew when we started traveling, that I wanted to take cooking classes along the way.

It’s difficult to understand a culture if you don’t understand its food. And what better way to understand a culture’s food, than to learn to make it yourself, and eat it of course.

When we asked where we should go for cooking classes, there was no hesitation before answering “The Spice Box”.

There are two time options, one from 10:30 – 1:00, and another from 4:00 – 7:00. We chose the morning class.
Indian Cooking Classes at The Spice Box in Udaipur
Our teacher was funny. He used to own a restaurant. He’s been offering cooking classes in Udaipur for about 7 years.

The first thing we learned to make was chai. When do Indians drink chai?

If it’s too hot outside, drink a chai.
Too cold, drink a chai.
Have friends over, drink a chai.
Friends don’t come over, drink a chai.
You’re tired, drink a chai.
Need to calm down, drink a chai.
You’re happy, drink a chai.
You’re sad, drink a chai.
And so on…
So, needless to say, they drink a lot of chai here in India.

One thing that was different with these cooking classes, is that not everyone got to make each dish. Only one or two people made each.
Indian Cooking Classes at The Spice Box in Udaipur
I was a disappointed in this, because I wanted to take cooking classes so that I could learn to make everything in the class. I wanted hands-on instead of watching. (I can watch other people cook on youtube for free.)

We did get a recipe book with all of the recipes, including one for how to make paneer.

The food was good, and it was fun to eat lunch together, eating what we cooked. And it was really great to learn about the flavors and traditions of Indian cooking.
Indian Cooking Classes at The Spice Box in Udaipur

6 thoughts on “Indian Cooking Classes at The Spice Box in Udaipur

  1. Lisa

    I hope you’re still previewing these comments before they go public as I was typing a reply to this and hit something on my keyboard and it was gone. Just thought you might like to know I just ate my first Indian food in the car, on the way to the Rockies game, with Adam for his 30th birthday and we picked up food “to go” at Bombay Bowl. It was good!!

    1. carrie Post author

      That’s fun. Glad you liked it! Bombay Bowl is a bit like calling Chipotle “Mexican”, but I’m glad you had it. We thought Bombay Bowl was a good concept and will probably have to suffice when we return to the States, unless we want to cook Indian for ourselves -and others! 🙂

  2. Anu

    Oh really? This is disappointing. You mentioned on facebook that you were on your way to cooking class and i have been expecting that you got a proper cooking class with hands on experience. Hope you did not pay much to watch the teacher cook the food.

    1. carrie Post author

      The teacher didn’t cook. But each of the students only got to cook one dish, and watch as other students cooked the others. I just wanted to cook all of them. 🙂

  3. Anu

    Oh well, cooking 1 dish is better than no dish. So what did you cook?
    Hey now you tasted the real chai. The chai sold in coffee shop out of India is very different.

    1. carrie Post author

      Chai is amazing. I love it. Love. I cooked Paneer with green peppers…I’ll have to look up the name; it’s escaping me at the moment.

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