Travel the world

I am a person

I am not an ATM Machine
or a place you should look first for money
Seek first to have my interest
Maybe tell me some jokes that are funny

Show me something interesting
Not just some kitsch or junk
Present your wares with some showmanship
Don’t just uncrumple them from some trunk

Then the sticker – the price, oh the price;
Please think and offer something fair.
Give yourself a reasonable commission
And let’s do some bargaining from there.

Your life is hard, I understand.
You need a chance to make some money too,
but if you work to be fair and truthful,
I’m more likely to buy from you.

And it’s not me who you should be thinking of.
There is more than 1 means to your ends.
I can go home and talk about you
and send to you all of my friends

So deal with me as a your sister or brother.
Show me your best, a genuine smile on your face.
Be caring and kind. Charge a fair price… I won’t mind.
From our small dealing the big world can become a better place.

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