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Touch Screen Everything

– Coming home to Touch Screen Everything –

3 years ago when I got my tablet PC (before we left on our travels), I was one of only two people I knew who had a tablet PC.

Coming home, we’ve found that everyone’s cell phones are touch screens, that everyone is talking about apps, iPads, and Android tablets, and some game called “Angry Birds”.

Carrie asked my aunt something at Thanksgiving.  A conversation happened, and she told Carrie she would just text it to her.  But Carrie doesn’t have a cell phone set up in the US yet.  It’s assumed that she would have a cell phone with a texting plan.  Further, everyone texting just touches their screens to type the message.

When we left America over 2 years ago, it was not this way.

Two years ago, people asked us for help for how to use their cell phones, because they didn’t know how to use them.

Two years ago, my tablet PC was a bit of a novelty.

It’s not that I feel slighted or like I need to have the latest and greatest devices.

It’s just that I am absolutely amazed at how rapidly touch screen technology has become the daily life of the vast majority of the people with whom we have spent time since returning to the US. 

I am also reminded (although it was this way when we left) at how ubiquitously accepted and expected it is that you will be carrying around an electronic appendage all the time (otherwise known as a cell phone).

2 thoughts on “Touch Screen Everything

  1. Brian

    Interesting perspective. On the flip side, thank goodness for the touchscreens, because it has really expanded our business this year especially! Can wait to hear about your first Iphone! 🙂

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