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We’re In The News!

Carrie grew up in a small town on the eastern plains of Colorado called Holyoke.

When we were there about 2 weeks ago, the town’s newspaper, the Holyoke Enterprise, did a front-page report on our travels and experiences of the last two years.

The article was longer than I expected it would be.  They did a nice job covering our experiences from two years of travel.

If you’d like to see what they said, click the link to the Holyoke Enterprise, or read a copy of the article here on our site.

8 thoughts on “We’re In The News!

  1. Katherine

    HELLO! I loved your article! Your travels are so wonderful, I love keeping up with you guys! In March/April 2012, I plan to go to Italy – Florence is where I’ll be staying mainly, but I am hoping to go to Venice, Rome, and more down south! Any tips!?!

    1. Jonathan (in Colorado)

      I’m really glad you come along and keep up with us as well!

      Ideas… depending on what you like to do, take a parmigianno reggiano cheese tour. We went on two, and they were both awesome.

      Go see castles. They are awesome.

      One of our favorite churches in the world is in Bergamo. Bergamo is in Milan.

      Go to Milan and go to the roof of the cathedral (if it’s been re-opened). It costs 5-8 euros, but is totally worth it.

      In Florence, see the Uffizi museum. You’ll wait in line, but it’s a great place. The David is also in Florence of course – you’ll wait in line to see that as well, though there are tours that will hold your place in line and give you a time to come back and see it.

      The roof of the Duomo in Florence is awesome. I think it’s 5 euros.

      Venice – a good visit for a day, but a city which exists entirely for tourists and tourism. Quite expensive, but worth a visit.

      Rome… brilliant city. Make sure you see the Sistine chapel and Saint Peter’s. I still want to go to Saint Peter’s some random day and just spend a few hours sitting there. Truly an amazing place and experience – see if you can tour the catacombs… not sure what that takes, but it’s quite cool.

      Our two favorite cities in Northern Italy are Sirmione (on Lake Garda) and Verona. I highly recommend spending at least a day in each… Sirmione is expensive to stay in, but easy to get to. Verona is an awesome city to wander and explore… If you like shows, see if there is something going on at the arena during the time you are there. (

      Hope that’s given you some good food for thought.


  2. Marty

    Thanks so much for allowing us to read the newspaper article about
    your travels. Maybe that article will inspire others to travel.
    Just a little note, since you are both “writers” concerning the use
    of “was” and “were.” When “If” is used in a sentence, “were” is the
    appropiate wording. Many writers make this mistake. Example of a
    sentence in the newspaper article: If the United States was ever to kick this travel-happy couple out of the country, should have been
    written, “If the United States WERE ever to kick….” I’m no English
    expert, but I do know about this being correct. I also would be so
    happy if almost every news reporter in America would quit saying,
    “We have got.” It’s NEVER “got;” it’s just “We HAVE” or “I have.”
    Also, they can’t “come back in a minute” or they would be going two different directions at the same time!!HA! You EITHER “come” or you
    “go back.” It’s suppose to be–“We will RETURN in a minute!!” Maybe journalism majors should be required to pass an English test before they are allowed to be employed. Ok, hope this helps.

    1. Jonathan (in Colorado)

      Hey Renee!

      Ahhh Grammar. We do a lot of writing. And yep. We would have corrected those things if we had written the article. But not really something we can “go back” and do.

      Ah well. 🙂 Thanks for the corrections and for reading the whole article!


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