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Enjoying Colorado (in Photographs)

I grew up in a beautiful place in a beautiful state.

I’ve known this since I was little, and it’s been nice to have so many reminders since coming back home.

It’s also amazing to return home with new photographic skills and a new interest in photography. 

It gives me a different eye for appreciating all I’m seeing around me.

Here are some photographic impressions of what I’ve been seeing since returning to Colorado.

owl in backyard

Colorado mule deer in neighborhood
Colorado mule deer in neighborhood

backyard rabbits

Coyote (hiding behind a tree)
Colorado Coyote

(Coming soon)

(Coming Soon)

Colorado Sunset

Eclipse (on a super-clear early morning)
(Coming Soon)

Snow-capped Mountains
Colorado Mountains

7 thoughts on “Enjoying Colorado (in Photographs)

  1. Mom

    Your pictures are beautiful!! The really cool part is that I’ve seen almost all these pictures with you as you were taking them!!

  2. Marty

    Thank you for such lovely pictures. I’m sure you must realize how much
    valuable and interesting information all your writings contribute to
    our daily lives–especially mine!! I am SO THANKFUL we came into contact on this earth and I was so fortunate to be able to share in all your fantastic adventures, and to also be allowed to learn about your
    personal relationships in your wonderful family. Life can be beautiful for most of us during this time we have been given, and we also need to remember all those whom are not quite so fortunate. If only our media
    would concentrate more on ways to improve our earth–mainly encouraging a reduction in births, improvements in all areas of our environment, and mostly seeing that there is food and “peace for all.” Wouldn’t that
    be great?

    1. Jonathan (in Colorado)

      Hey Renee!

      Thank-you very much for such kind words. Thank-you for coming along on our adventures and for commenting along the way.

      One thought – you’ve said “If only our media would concentrate more on ways to improve our earth…”

      We are the media, and the medium.

      The Internet gives us all the ability to choose what we pay attention to, what we allow into our minds, what we choose to know and learn, and what we discover.

      Carrie and I each had decided to stop watching the nightly news before we knew each other.

      I decided to stop watching sometime within a month or so after September 11th, realizing that mainstream media delights in sharing the pitfalls and tragedies of others.

      That means we have been (primarily) separate from mainstream media for over 10 years.

      And yet I know what’s going on.

      I feel like I get to enjoy my life, and be of better service to others, both because I choose the media I listen to/watch, and because I choose to be my own source of information broadcasting.

      We are a message of hope and opportunity around here. Even though I get discouraged sometimes (as we all do), I will continue to be a message of hope and opportunity.

      We must be the changes we wish to see in the world. And I am glad that the Internet gives a public place to share who we are, as well as connect with others.

      Thanks again for your kind compliments and for coming along as we travel the world!

      I appreciate you.

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