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I love food. I love trying new things. (Tell that to my 9 year old picks-onions-out-of-jarred-pasta-sauce self.)

One of the best parts about our travels the last two years has been trying the local favorites. We’ve had some amazingly good food.


As well as some that I am happy to have tried once. So that I never have to again.

Here’s a list of my most remembered food from each country we visited on this trip.

1. Costa Rica – Pinto Gallo (also known as beans and rice)
2. Panama – Fried chicken
3. Nicaragua – Atol (kind of like a thick corn and cinnamon gluey soup)
4. El Salvador – Pupusas (delicious concoctions of a filled tortilla)
5. Honduras – really bad beer. Like really bad.
6. Guatemala – Hearts of Palm, Avocado, and basil salad
7. Ecuador – Cuy (guinea pig)
8. Colombia – some kind of fried sweet that we bought from a street vendor
9. Peru – Beer (they have a dark beer that was really really good)
10. Tahiti – Vanilla beans
11. New Zealand – Kumara (sweet potato)
12. Singapore – the Vietnamese food we had there. It was awesome.
13. Indonesia – (boiled vegetables with peanut sauce)
14. Hong Kong – dim sum
15. Macau – Natas (egg custard pastries)
16. Thailand – Chiang Mai Noodles
17. Vietnam – Bahn Xeo (a rice crepe filled with vegetables)
18. Cambodia –
19. Malaysia – Mee Gorang (egg noodles with spicy sauce and vegetables)
20. Brunei –
21. India – Matari Poha (rice with onion, peas, cumin and served for breakfast)
22. Italy – Gnocchi
23. Slovenia – homemade fresh wine
24. Slovakia – Segedin Goulash
25. Czech Republic – Rajkaomajka (simmered beef in tomato and cinnamon sauce)
26. Hungary – Goulash
27. Germany – Schnitzel
28. Finland – Reindeer
29. Estonia – Dark honey beer
30. Spain – Papas Brava


5 thoughts on “The World in Food

    1. strive4impact

      Hey Noel! I’m really glad to hear from you! Long-time reader, first-time commenter? 🙂

      We are home (in Colorado) for a while, but our travels around the world will continue. Even while we are in Colorado, we will be making videos and writing up much more of our experiences from around the world, as well as showcasing some of our favorite spots, foods, and activities of Colorado.

      Where do you live and how did you come across our site? Thanks for your comments – and yes, we are definitely continuing our travels!

  1. Noel

    I live in Ireland. I do not remember where I found you blog as I follow at least a dozen travel blogs. We travel regularly ourselves but only for 2 months at a time. Going to Thailand, Cambodia and Bali in the New Year.

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