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By The Numbers: How Much Does This Cost?


What do the last two years look like in numbers?

Check it out:

Number of:

  • Countries visited: 30
  • Months gone: 26
  • Days gone: 772
  • Currencies: 20
  • Beds we’ve slept in: 119
  • Car Rentals: 3
  • Campervan (RV) Rentals: 3
  • Flights taken: 47
  • Long distance buses taken (6 hours or longer): 16
  • Long distance Trains (6 hours or longer): 6
  • Hotel cost: $9,536.74
  • Apartment rentals: 8
  • Apartment cost: $8,618.99
  • Average Monthly Housing Cost (over 2 years): $698.29
  • Flight cost: $14,898.84
  • Total cost: $67,817.01

I know that that “total cost” number looks like a lot.

But, if you think about it, that is all of our living expenses, and traveling around the world.

How much does it cost you to live for two years?

14 thoughts on “By The Numbers: How Much Does This Cost?

    1. strive4impact

      My wife is amazing. That’s how this works out I think… she’s found us some really incredible deals in the past two years and the trick has been to be flexible enough in schedule to take them when they happen. You and Yvette have found some great travel deals too, yes?

  1. Pete D

    Hi Carrie and Jonathan,

    This is Pete from Seattle, WA. We met at Simon Bolivar in Quito. Nice to read your site and keep up on your travels. Congratulations on your 26-month journey! -Pete Dills

  2. Anu

    What only this much? Even though $67k is still a big amount, I thought your travel over 30 countries for two would have costs way more than that…
    Thank you for sharing the numbers.

      1. Bhanu

        Wow! because its a lot… Wow! because its not much when compared to days spent… wow! because its interesting that you actually counted.

  3. richard

    Nice website. I ran into your site looking for bus info. I live in Panama. My wife and I were on that cruise. cruise costs?

    1. strive4impact

      Hey Richard! We found a fantastic deal on the cruise from Spain to Panama… for both of us it was about $900. Truly amazing value, especially for the amount we spent. How about you? How much did your cruise cost?

      1. richard

        oh, it was a little less. we have some friends that go on a ton of cruises and they let us know that a 200 dollar certificate was available on Royal Carib. website. But RC honors the price drops etc. as we didn’t pay the balance due until August I think. Plus the prices kept on dropping as we waited for the cruise. But you know you end up spending more on the cruise..such as the tipping for cabin attendant and wait staff, etc. But the cruise are great bargains. I went to Mt. Teide on the Canary Islands. That had excellent scenery.

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