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Returning To Snow (And Cold)

Tonight it’s 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

For all of our Celsius friends, that is -15 degree Celsius.

You may wonder why anyone would live in a place where it gets that cold every year, sometimes staying that cold for the entire week.

I’ve wondered myself for a few seconds here and there over the past couple of weeks as I’ve re-acclimated to the first snow, doing things like driving on ice and shoveling the driveway, and experiencing the first really biting winter cold I’ve experienced in 2+ years.

But when I look around at the beauty of Colorado, I’m reminded (almost to the minute) of all the wonderful things that this part of the world offers, and I realize why I love it here.

Over the next few weeks and months (years?), I will share some of the things I love about Colorado.

I am going to do this partially in an effort to get our friends from around the world to come and visit us here, and partially to catalog and point out (for myself), some of the things I love about Colorado.

Stay tuned…

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