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Testimonials and Videos from (a few of the) Places We Have Stayed

Apartment in Quito, Ecuador
(March, 2010)

Since you stayed at the apartment (I have in Quito) last month, I have gotten a lot more bookings.  I’m booked through the end of the summer, (2010).

It’s been really great… having you stay with me was more like having someone working for me because with the video you made and pictures you took while you were here, I have had MANY people want to book the apartment… I wasn’t sure at first since I gave you the discount to stay here, but having you stay at the apartment was one of the smartest things I think I could have done for future rentals.

Pablo Proaño
Quito, Ecuador

Casita in Boquete, Panama

(November, 2009)

We loved having you guys stay in one of our casitas. Our favorite experience with any renter we’ve ever had was the night when you made us the most delicious Italian dinner of eggplant parmesean I’ve ever had. (And we were super impressed you offered to cook for us while you were renting from us)!

We were so happy too that we invited you to house-sit for us while we went to Florida in January 2010. During those two weeks in January, it was so nice to know that we didn’t have to worry about anything while we were in Florida.  Thank-you for taking great care of our home, taking care of the challenges and repairs at the casita rentals, and for getting messages to the neighbors for us.

Since you made the video of our casita “B”, we’ve had a nearly full booking schedule.

You guys are the best renters we’ve had… From our perspective, you guys being here felt like having family stay with us, but getting paid for the visit.  Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

David and Cora Kent
Boquete, Panama

El Cid Hotel (near Cancun, Mexico)
(Over 9,240 views on YouTube (so far) – more on other sites as well)

Terrazas Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
(April, 2008)

Kookaburra Cafe in Cuenca, Ecuador
(April, 2010)

Hi Carrie and Jonathan!

Thought I would let you know we just had a month-long booking come in from someone who watched the video you made of Kookaburra.

Thanks so much for your interest in Kookaburra and its success. We had noticed the networking you did on our behalf and so, although this note comes just a little belated and with prompting (since it resulted in this rental), it comes nonetheless with our genuine gratitude.

Chris and I hope your travels are still wildly satisfying and endlessly awe-inspiring. Take care of each other!

Warm wishes,

3 thoughts on “Testimonials and Videos from (a few of the) Places We Have Stayed

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  2. Nancy

    looking into going to Boquete Panama this winter
    loved the casitas yourented
    can you send me more info on them???
    also any places in Costa Rica you would recommend???
    we like a place with a small kitchen, since we prefer to cook in often and shop local markets ,not resort people
    you have to try STONE ISLAND just off of Mazatlan some day
    been there 4 times

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Hey Nancy! We weren’t big fans of Costa Rica relative to either Nicaragua or Panama, but we did at least like the hotel we stayed in, in San Jose – Hotel Aranjuez. They have apartments in a building separate from the hotel. See the video review here:

      As far as the Casitas in Boquete, I’ll email you separately with Dave and Cora’s information.

      I was in Mazatlan last summer (2013), and saw from the water, but didn’t yet visit, Stone Island. Thanks for the recommendation. Will have to check it out! What should I see at Stone Island?

      Thanks Nancy!


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