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The Panama Canal at Miraflores

for a ship to go through the Panama canal takes about an hour. But you can watch the whole thing from the Panama Canal Visitor’s Center. The Visitor’s Center for the Panama Canal hosts a museum, a movie theater, and several exhibits not just about the canal, but also about the history, land, and people of Panama. What’s really interesting about the canal at Miraflores?

Boquete: Two Excellent Weeks In The Mountains of Panama

Two weeks in Boquete, Panama. We love Boquete. And we spent two weeks here in Boquete house-sitting for our friends David and Cora. During our time in Boquete, we got to spend time at the castle with Tom and Caroline, went to Cafe Lerida, met 5 cool Canadians, and ate breakfast at Olga’s Restuarant. We also went to Amigo’s, the local Gringo favorite hangout.