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Hebron Restaurant and Grill in Chiclayo, Peru

The day of April 22nd, 2010, will go down in our memories as the day we spent the entire day sitting in a restaurant and working.


We arrived in Chiclayo at 9:45 AM.  The taxi driver took us to Turismo Dias to get our bus tickets from Chiclayo to Cajamarcas.

Then, when we asked him for a nice restaurant with a good Internet connection, he brought us to Hebron Restaurant and Grill.

We had planned to just work for a couple hours or maybe even a four or five hours, and then go out to see the city of Chiclayo a bit.

But Hebron Restaurant and Grill has the fastest Internet connection we’ve ever used, anywhere in Central our South America.

Hebron Restaurant and Grill in Chiclayo, Peru

So we’ve sat here at the restaurant all day.

The food is good, the lemonade/limeade is cold, and the Internet is fast.

It’s now nearly 6PM, and we’re going to leave for a bit to take some pictures and see the town a bit.

Norma, the manager on duty, took care of us very well.  She’s very pleasant to talk with, gave us a place to store our computers while we went out to see the city, and is just generally knowledgeable and friendly.

It seems a shame to not have seen more of Chiclayo or the couple of places within a couple hours of Chiclayo that have Incan ruins, but part of “working while traveling” is the “working” part.

That’s what we’ve done here today at Hebron Restaurant and Grill because the atmosphere has allowed us to work.  And did I mention that the Internet is fast?

If you have just a few hours in Chiclayo, Peru and want a place that will let you use your own computer, with a FAST Internet connection (comparatively speaking), while eating good food, visit Hebron Restaurant and Grill.

Hebron Restaurant and Grill in Chiclayo, Peru

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