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(Not So) Frequently Asked Questions

Probably more often than I should, I check what words and phrases people have typed into Google to get to our web site.

Tracking what people want to know about is important if you want to be of service to others.

Also, it’s just fun to see what Google thinks is about.

Today, I want to share a tiny smattering of what I discovered people have been looking for, prior to landing on our site.

Also, I want to answer their questions.

These are all actual search phrases typed into Google by people before they landed on our site.

“what are chifles”/”what is an ecuadorian chifles”
Despite the funny English in this question, I am happy to respond to this one. In Ecuador, Chifles are chips made from thinly sliced green plantain.  They are very delicious.  We like chifles better than potato chips (which we don’t really like, so that’s a terrible comparison.  That previous sentence should say: We like chifles.)

“how far is it from david, panama to boquete, panama?
Taking the local bus, it’s about 1 hour to Boquete from David, Panama, give or take 20 minutes.  Boquete is absolutely worth a visit for a few days, if not longer.

“are frozen bananas bad for you?”
Is frozen water bad for you?

“does it matter if you use yellow or green plantains when making patacones”
Yes, use green plantain. The yellow plantains won’t work for patacones.  They’re still delicious when fried, just not the right plantain to use for patacones.

“can you see lava masaya”
We weren’t able to see lava at Masaya volcano… lots of sulfuric ash spewing from the mouth of the volcano though.  You can, however, roast marshmallows over lava at Volcan Pacaya in Guatemala near Antigua.  (Take the marshmallows and a stick with you though.  There’s nothing except people renting out horses as taxis up the volcano, and kids selling walking sticks, once you get out to start your trek up the volcano).

“do ecuadors eat cuy/why do ecuadorians eat gineapig”
Yes EcuadorIANS do eat cuy.  Why they eat guinea pig is beyond me as I don’t like the flavor at all. Not all Ecuadorians eat guinea pig, but my guess is that many do because they like the flavor of it.  Others eat cuy as a social custom or tradition.

“does everyone in ecuador have a pet chicken”
No, just the people who live close to wherever you happen to be trying to sleep.

“how many mph can a koala run”
That is a good question… Maybe you should race one to find out.

Keep those Google visitors and random searches coming!

5 thoughts on “(Not So) Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Adam

    Depending on the site/source you read…Koala’s run somewhere between “As fast as a rabbit” and “Not at all”. I also found a couple places that said 7mph and one that said 10 mph. Apparently…this is one thing the internet doesn’t know… one more reputable source said “a koala can run surprisingly fast for a short distance”. Still not really specific though.

    Here’s a whole page of facts about koalas:

    There…now I’ve contributed… 🙂

    1. strive4impact Post author


      I found myself almost rolling on the floor laughing at this response. Thank-you for having “contributed”. I’m glad to know more about koalas than I ever wanted to know.


      Thanks again!

  2. Jesse

    Elementary Watson ; but how did you find out that people typed in these phrases in Google before clicking to your page?

  3. Mr. Coop

    Yes, same question as above.

    Also, it is always the journey that is usually the most important part, also that you treat people the same as you want to be treated.

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