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Haircut in New Zealand for a Man

When you’re traveling, sometimes the most mundane things become fun adventures.

Actually, pretty much everything can be a fun adventure, especially when you’re doing it for the first time.

I wrote at some length about getting my haircut in Panama, because it was the best hair cut I had ever had, and it was only USD $2.50.

So, this short post is just to say that I got my haircut in New Zealand today.

Mundane, I know.

In case you’re curious…

It seems the going rate can be as low as NZ$10 (US$7.35) for a men’s haircut.

After waiting somewhere for 5 minutes (would have been a 25-30 minute wait total) to get one of those $10 haircuts, I went somewhere else and I got my hair cut for NZ$18 (US$14).

Like all New Zealanders we’ve met so far, the guy who cut my hair was very friendly and fun to talk to.

However, I fear I’m coming across as rude in conversations.  Sometimes I still have a hard time responding quickly because the accent is just slightly different enough for me not to understand it.

So I have to take a moment to process what’s beean saied be foh eye cahn respond.

Anyway, if you’re going to get your haircut in New Zealand as a man, it will be between $10-$25, unless you want something froofy or are getting it died.

6 thoughts on “Haircut in New Zealand for a Man

  1. Lisa

    Getting it dyed? or died? Glad you finally managed a haircut because both of the times we talked this week, you were “on your way” to get a haircut.

  2. Marty

    You didn’t state what you thought of your N.Z. haircut; nor did you
    compare it with the “great haircut you got in Panama?” So…which
    was the better haircut?

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Hey Renee!

      Thought by saying that it was “the best haircut of my life” it was pretty obvious that I liked the Panama one best… 🙂

      But I should have included a photo… now a week later it’s a bit late to put a photo in… ah well.

  3. Eric Goldschmidt

    Great post. I have made a habit for a number of years of getting a haircut in different countries. Think it is a great culture experience. Have been “cut” in Prague, Paris, London, Granada (Nicaragua), Venice, Florence, Panama, Boston (Italian barber, North End), and deep in the heart of Texas. One of the most memorable was in Venice when a group of late teens, eariler 20s, stood around an critiqued the barber every step of the way. In the end I got a great haircut and lots of cultural fun. Plus they applauded the barber afer they determined that it was “just so.” Also got a great haircut in Granada, Nicaragua. Great attention to detail for about $3.00. If you want a slice of the culture, get a haircut wherever you travel if you’re in need of one (and maybe even if you’re not). I make it a point.

  4. Eric Goldschmidt

    Oh, also a memorable haircut in Paddington Station in London. Also asked for a shave (back in lat 1990s) and the barber proceeded to lathe me up before saying, “We haven’t many calls for a shave since the whole HIV thing broke out.” Then he proceeded to carve me up like a turkey. Spent a half hour trying to stop all the bleeding with towles and styptic. Still charged me the full ten pounds for the shave. Couldn’t believe it, but am still smiling.

    1. strive4impact Post author

      I got a good laugh out of that one… at your expense of course. 🙂

      But it seems like you can laugh about it too, which is always a good thing, especially when dealing with the inconsistencies which come with traveling.

      Cool to know I’m not the only one fascinated with something as mundane as a haircut.

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