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Poems for 2013: A New Project

Below you will see something that was written a long time ago (nearly 20 years ago – wow!) in a notebook where I kept poems and writings of mine.

In 2013, I will be sharing many of my life’s poems, thoughts, and words. My goal is to post 1/day, every day, for the next 365 days.

Some of these will be old poems going back as far as 1992… Many of them will be new poems I’ve only ever shared with my notebook.

I have written these poems in an attempt to learn about myself, to understand the world, to figure out my place in the world, and to share me with others.

I have debated a lot about where these poems should be published… on one of our other sites, or here on

Here’s what I’ve decided.

Carrie is someone in my life who has encouraged me to write more often, to reflect on experiences on paper.

What better place to share those thoughts and experiences than here on our site?

And as I was looking through some old files and writings, and came across this note (below) from 1994, I thought it was a pretty cool set of words to have put together at age 14. It also helped me realize that I need to share more of myself and my heart.

I’ve been keeping these poems to myself.

I’ve made the excuse that it would take too much time to post them, but truly I haven’t shared because I’ve been afraid.

  • I have been afraid that it wouldn’t matter anyway (who wants to read my poem of my 13 year old self’s heartbreak?)
  • I have been afraid that people would laugh or make fun of what I think/thought
  • I have been afraid that someone might take the words I wrote when I was younger (and significantly religious) and attempt to apply those words to me today
  • I have been afraid to share something so close to me

I still have these fears.

But these poems are serving no one by my keeping them on my computer or in my notebook.

There are (of course) words I’ve written that I will keep mine.

There are also words which belong to the people I’ve written them for.

Those will stay quiet until the person I wrote them for wants to share them.

However, the words I’ve written for me, throughout my life, can help other people.

These words can help open new perspectives, take someone to a different place, and get people (and maybe even you) to a different solution.

If nothing else, perhaps my sharing will encourage you to share, with a world that so badly needs people in tune with who they are.

In addition to what I wrote below in 1994, I wrote the following words at some point in my first year of high school:

I am not so vain as to think that my words will change the world
Nor am I so careless as to think they will not.

I have been careless through my fears.

So, all of 2013, I am sharing my words, one poem a day.

This is different than anything I’ve done before.

And you may not like it.

That’s okay.

If one day’s poem doesn’t help you in some way, it was for someone else that day anyway.

But, I hope that with at least 1 day’s poem, out of today and the next 365(.25) days, there will be a poem that serves you well in your life.

Thank-you for taking a few minutes in our little corner of the Internet to read this note.

I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2013, as we all begin an amazing year on our little blue dot that we call Earth.

Come back every day.

There will be new poems daily, plus all the other travel-related and food related posts you’ve come to know and love!

May 2, 1994

To any who may someday read this.

My name is Jonathan Kraft. These poems are a small reflection of something much greater inside of me.

I have many thoughts, feelings, and expressions to share with the world. I have been given a voice that many have. A voice louder than words. I will do my best to show others that they have this voice also, and when they find out what that voice is, the world will be a much better place. A place that will be filled with all who care about others and know that they have the potential to make the world a better place through their own impact on others. Enjoy these poems. I hope that they help you to find out who your voice truly is.

-Jonathan Kraft


3 thoughts on “Poems for 2013: A New Project

  1. Brian

    I am looking forward to reading your poems…I didn’t know you had written so many over the years than you can actually publish one per day for the entire year. Happy New Year!

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Hey! Happy New Year to you too! I have lots more than that actually. I’ve been really surprised looking back through old poems just how many I’ve written. Hope you guys had a nice New Year’s party?

  2. Lisa

    Happy New Year to all my children!! I’ve read a good chunk of your poetry and I have a couple that were written just for me, but that’s pretty amazing to think you’ll be able to publish one a day, one poem at a time, for a whole year!

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