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Poem: Life’s Great Story

Life’s great story
by Jonathan Kraft

All people have been born though a mom and a dad
But Mom’s and Dad’s rules can sometimes make you mad
Following rules might stink but when you stop and think
The rules help you learn and that should make you glad

And parents aren’t perfect, (that’s what my dad taught me)
You still should treat them nicely, and respectfully
Just to be clear, they made and brought you here
Without your parents you wouldn’t even be

They’re part of the glory
of life’s great story


A brother or a sister or even a friend
Can get on your nerves and cause hurt they don’t intend
Hurt and pain and you don’t know what you gain
That can make you want to bring the friendship to end

But friends and siblings, are truly a great gift
When you’re down they pick you up, giving you a lift
These friends give you a smile making life worthwhile
They steer you on course when you start to drift

They’re part of the glory
of life’s great story


Fleas and flies go by many names
They buzz around my head, playing silly games
They buzz and bite, keeping me awake at night
They make me want to burn them all in flames

But fleas and flies, they have purpose here
Even if the “why” isn’t always clear
Flies eat turds and they’re also food for birds
And though it’s annoying when they land in food or beer

They’re part of the glory
Of life’s great story

I guess that’s all true for mosquitoes too…
But I still like to smack them with my shoe

5 thoughts on “Poem: Life’s Great Story

  1. Jesse

    Yea my parents are CLOSE to perfect. Maybe not in how they live, but AS PARENTS they were of the best caliber possible

    and I dont know if Ive had any friends really make me angry or betray me or anything of the sort


    thanks you two

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Definitely lots of good blessings to be thankful for! And friends are often a reflection of our inner world, so good job building the friends you’ve built.

      Glad you enjoyed the poem. Thanks for your comments!

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