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Poem: Listen In The Fog

It is 12.January 1998 and Jonathan is 18

Listen In The Fog
by Jonathan Kraft

Do you hear it?
The sound of true silence
Only an occasional bark of a dog
or a small rumble of an overhead plane
or that of a car driving down some
near-by road
Listen. Can you hear it?

This moment is so real to me.
The echo of the far-of bark,
the concrete which was so cold
underneath my feet before I retreated
inside for just a moment to obtain slippers.
Can you feel it?

The light cold night breeze
blowing just enough to be a reminder
The nearly full moon
reflecting so brightly that I can write
through the use of nature’s light.

The fog has come to renew, and
since I am not a part of it right
now, I must leave it to accomplish
its life sustenance and
renewal. (without me.)


Jan. 16, 1998
Jonathan is 18

It comes and quiets.
I guess it does this by leaving
just enough moisture to
cause things to be still.
When nature is still and
quiet, it has time to heal.
Humanity, at least in my world,
has forgotten how to be quiet.

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