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Poem: Inner Light 2

Written January 1994 when Jonathan is 14


Inner Light2

by Jonathan Kraft

I had a vision of a man one night,

he was walking in a dream.

He pulled out a little charm,

it was like nothing I’d ever seen.

So intricate in its design,

it was part of a greater plan,

yet I knew not what it was,

that he held in his hand.

Then a light came directly from him,

and was given to me inside,

and for some reason it couldn’t come out,

even though it tried and tried.

Through my life it started to grow,

from things I’d seen and done,

and I could hold it inside no longer,

when I was proven the power of one.

It was now time to let it out,

and share it with the future,

now a time for the hate to stop,

so a better tomorrow could occur.

Now it’s time for you to work

on letting your light emerge,

no holding back, don’t try to stop it,

but let your power surge.

And as a prayer every night,

pray these words to God,

and learn to praise him in his throne,

with glory, honor, and laud.

Lord, please bring down the light,

and wrap it all around me.

let it hold me lovingly tight,

and protect us like a shield.

Lord, please, bring down the light,

and wrap it all around me.

Let it always hold me tight,

and show me how to feel.

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