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Poem: An Amazing Destination

An Amazing Destination
by Jonathan Kraft

At the end of each tunnel, there is a light,
though your light may still seem far away.
The future definitely holds something brighter
by your deciding new decisions today

The actions we take determine results
The new year can bring everything right to your door
Fame, fortune, success, they’re all right here
You’re going to be thrilled with what life has in store!

In case you’re thinking that may not be true…
and in case you’re thinking I’m exaggerating…
in case you’ve fallen down or failed in the past…
Here are some points worth deliberating:

– The point of performance isn’t not to mess up.
– The point of hockey isn’t not to get hit.
– The point of business isn’t not to make mistakes,
– Nor the point of a mirror to critique “not fit”.

The point of it all is to learn to get up,
no matter how many times you’re knocked down.
You get to decide what the experience means.
And whether you address it with smile or frown,

you are a product of whatever has passed.
Just realize that you’re not a victim.
Whatever the past has brought to your life,
you decide whether or not it’s grim,

or instead just a step on the way to becoming,
and doing, and having, the life in store for you.
You set the rules, and you get to decide.
Will you go alone, or who will be your crew?

So work on your dreams today and always.
Learn something new from each investigation.
And when you fall, choose to fall forward.
This year you will reach an amazing destination!

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