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“I Feel Really Badly For Them” She Told Me

“I feel really badly [for them/about them/over it]”
Can you feel badly enough to make it better?

“I’m worried sick about it.”
Can you ever become sick enough that you will conquer your worry?

“There are so many poor people, I just want to give away all my stuff to help them.”
Do you have enough stuff to sell to conquer poverty?

You are attempting to conquer negatives with negatives.

You are attempting to defeat darkness with darkness.

You only defeat darkness with light.

And if I’m a candle, a light, then what’s the best way for me to defeat darkness?

  1. Stay lit myself. [ Key point ]
  2. Light other candles (one at a time when necessary).
  3. Teach other candles to stay lit.
  4. Teach other candles how to light other candles.
  5. Teach other candles how to teach other candles to stay lit.
  6. Teach them how to teach other candles to teach.

[ Key point ] If you light other candles around you, and burn out yourself, you can get re-lit.
But if you neglect to light others, you run the risk of burning out yourself forever.



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