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Poem: That Boy In The Corner

This was written for someone who asked me to write a message of hope for the new year, for a parent of an Asperger’s Child.

That Boy In The Corner
by Jonathan Kraft

There is a boy, standing in the corner.
Everything’s new, or so it all seems.
They’ve just counted down to celebrate.
They’re tinking glasses, and talking of dreams.

It’s a new year, they’re changing the date,
and for him it’s one more new thing to learn.
It causes anxiety when all these things change
and makes him really yearn

for everything to stay how it is.
Why must things always be changing?
Why can’t they just let things be?
Why are they always rearranging?

He’s an asperger’s child, the boy standing there,
and, it’s true, he’s really quite brilliant.
His voice will carry, in this new year.
It will be strong and resilient.

Things will come easier as the calendar turns,
new friends there will be and many good times.
It will be possible to let more things go.
Less fear will be caused when hearing unknown chimes.

For he’s heard for years through his parents’ patience,
just how much he’s loved (their feelings so true).
They’ve cared for this special and gifted boy,
no matter what they’ve needed to do.

From tying his shoes (just the right way),
to picking out the “right” shirt and pants,
to listening to the same song lyrics,
no matter what the happenstance,

they’ve loved and cared in just the right way,
though they often didn’t know what was right.
They helped him overcome the struggles.
They tucked him in, and left on the light,

and whatever else needed to be done
to get him now to this place
where strangers can be in a room celebrating,
he can be there too, with a smile on his face.

He’s able to be and participate
as a part of the New Year’s partying mood.
And he can enjoy and really be present,
having sparkling cider and enjoying the food.

And though the changes may be hard for him,
it’s great that he is fully here.
Because of his parents’ patience and love,
he’s going to thrive in this new year.

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