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Oulu, Finland? Where’s that?

Here’s a map of where we currently are.

Why we are in Oulu, Finland.

Yep, it’s that far north.

And yep… people actually live here.

Lots of ’em actually.

One thing I’m amazed by… all the things you can get in Finland from all over the world… It’s more expensive here, to be sure, but you can get pretty much anything you need or want.

They even have Mexican restaurants here with pretty good Texican food.

So why are we in Oulu?

When I studied in Germany in 2001, I met Anu.

Anu is from Finland.

Anu and I stayed in touch via email.

She came to our wedding in Colorado in 2007.

She extended the invitation that we could come to Finland and visit her, and so we decided we would head to the north of Europe. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, but never had.

We’ll be in Finland through mid-October until we head to Spain, where we’ll be catching a relocation cruise (we posted when this amazing deal was available about 9 months ago) back to the US. We’ll be traveling Royal Caribbean.

In the meantime, we are enjoying cooler weather, a language unlike most languages we’ve been exposed to anywhere, and we’ve even met the REAL Santa Claus!

2 thoughts on “Oulu, Finland? Where’s that?

  1. Lisa

    Oulu is way up there! Thanks for the map!! One time we were flying and we flew over Greenland and I was so excited to be that close to it!! Must have been with our Alaskan trip, but we were still surprised and amazed to be flying over Greenland and now you’re actually living up there ….. pretty cool! Hope you get to see the lights!

  2. krishna rathore

    hi friends …
    im missing u both..
    how ru and where ru both and whats new in life..
    send me ur snaps too….
    convey my love to carry and do take care of urseldf and her too…

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