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Writing and Sending a Letter to Santa Claus

I know that it’s not quite Halloween yet, but it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.

More specifically, time to think about what you’re going to ask Santa for, and how to let him know.

The most common way of letting Santa know what you want for Christmas is to write a song about it. Then, turn that song into a pop culture hit, and get kids and parents alike the world over to sing that song any chance they get.

I’m thinking of you…”All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth.”

If, however, the catching, yet, annoying tune isn’t finding a match with that ice cream maker or new luggage set you want, never fear.

You can write Santa a letter.

And I know where to send it. Jonathan and I were sure to stop by Santa’s official post office while in Rovaniemi.

This is where Santa receives his 1.1 million letters a year from children in 30 different languages, including Braille.

Here’s the address:

Santa Claus’ Main Post Office,
Santa’s Workshop Village
Arctic Circle

You can bet that my list is in the mail. Jonathan, however, is working on the song method.

5 thoughts on “Writing and Sending a Letter to Santa Claus

  1. Lisa

    How about — “I’ll be home for Christmas” — oh wait that ones taken, but I know I’ll be singing “They’ll be home for Christmas” 🙂

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