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I met the REAL Santa Claus (in Finland)!

There are lots of interesting things to do in Finland.

  • You can see reindeer.
  • You can eat reindeer.
  • You can see the Northern Lights.

So far, I’ve done 1 of those 3.

I’ll send a unique post card from Finland to the first person who correctly guesses which 1 of those 3 things I have already done.

Post your guess in the comments below.

Other things you can do in Finland:

  • You can travel into the arctic circle.
  • You can meet the REAL Santa Claus!

Visiting Santa is free.

Getting your pictures and video of your time with Santa is not free.

If you opt for the *special* package, you get a 2 GB thumb drive, as well as a video and pictures of your time.

All this for the low, low price of…

49 Euros. (USD $64.59 at today’s exchange rate.)

Santa’s presents don’t come cheap.

But hey, we got a nifty thumb drive stamped with the logo of Santa’s workshop!

I had set up the video to show you, but the audio on it was bad (too much background noise). It made it not worth putting it online because the background noise is just too hard to hear through.

But we did get a great fun picture of Anu (our Finnish friend), Carrie, Santa, and me!

Carrie, Jonathan, and Anu with Santa Claus!

And what did I tell the REAL Santa Claus that I wanted for Christmas?

Well, I got all excited to go see Santa… so excited in fact that I actually forgot to make a list and didn’t know what to tell him.

But Carrie wants a Mandoline (the kitchen kind, not the musical instrument).

I did decide to make the video after all:

8 thoughts on “I met the REAL Santa Claus (in Finland)!

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  2. Mara

    My guess is: eat reindeer.

    BTW – It feels different to see you in winter clothing. We are having heat waves in Italy! Enjoy your coolness

    1. Jonathan (in Finland)

      Congratulations Mara! YOU WIN! I did eat reindeer. Made me feel a bit funny to eat reindeer, but it was much like eating deer or elk in the US. It’s quite an industry here in Finland for reindeer meat and reindeer pelts… almost like we raise pigs of beef in the US!

      Congratulations Mara! Your post card will be on it’s way shortly!


      1. Mara

        Hurray! These were my thoughts in guessing: 1) There is (almost) always a food experience associated to your travels. 2)You would not pass the chance of eating reindeer, what a unique experience. 3) Food was probably more accessible than the other two options.

        To me eating deer in the US was exactly the same feeling that you described: a bit funny and people in Italy would not believe it!

        How does reindeer taste?

        Enjoy your travels! Hugs to you and Carrie.


  3. Lisa

    My guess is see reindeer because we went to a North Pole in Alaska and they had all kinds of reindeer — they must have them in Finland! Great picture — Santa looks really kind!! You could still post your video with Finnish Christmas music in the background, couldn’t you?

    1. Jonathan (in Finland)

      Good point about the video. It’s coming soon to this post (like later on today)

      We haven’t actually seen living reindeer… the reindeer I saw was on my plate. Quite an interesting flavor… and quite an industry here in Finland.


      1. Lisa

        I loved the video and Santa was really amazing to watch!! Thanks for sharing!! We have a pound of elk in the freezer, just waiting for your arrival!!

  4. Marty

    SEE Reindeer, of course!! I would not eat the reindeer—WHY, THAT’S JUST LIKE EATING BAMBI!!! I did the OTHER THINGS when there & in
    Alaska. There is a Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska, just
    10 miles southeast of Fairbanks (in Fairbanks everyone MUST do the tourist River Boat Ride to see how the Indians, settlers, and meet the Iditarod women, if still there.
    I even think, with a little effort (we TALKED), I could have
    had a date with SANTA!!HA!
    There are FABULOUS Northern lights seen from the far north Alaska
    Hwy over to Dawson City at the Alaska/Canada check point–I got stuck there ALL NIGHT, not realizing the guards GO HOME AT 5PM, & had to
    sleep in my car on the mountain in the SNOW–almost froze to death!!!
    That is the best picture I’ve seen of you guys & I hope I can run
    off a copy. It’s just DARLING!!

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