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Miracles of Unparalleled Proportions…

“The light shines in the darkness.”

This is a common theme in Christianity (and other religions).

I’ve been particularly aware of this message, in various ways, in the past few weeks. Perhaps this is because we returned to America over the Christmas holiday.

But this statement has caused me to think about it’s affect on a great portion of society.

Implicit in the statement is that Jesus is the light.

Also implicit in the statement is that we humans are “in the darkness” here on earth.

But why should we live with this belief (that humans are in darkness on earth)?

Why should anyone believe the world is darkness?

This is a belief which Christianity holds as one of its fundamental teachings – Christianity is here to “save” people from the darkness of the world.

But what if the belief changes?

What if the world is beauty – if we choose to see it?

What if we are the light in the world, if we choose to see ourselves that way, and live our lives as bringers of light to the world?

What if… as research shows… our perception of reality is the greatest influencer on the reality we experience?

Could changing my perception change my reality?
Of course it could.

Could changing my vocabulary (the words I use) change my biography (my job, my friends, my life story)?
Of course it could.

Could changing my biology (the chemical and physical make-up of my body) change my experience of the world?
Of course it could.

Could changing my language or location affect the way I see life?
Of course it could.

What a world we can live in, if this most fundamental belief and practice of religion (that the world is in darkness) is replaced with a different belief. We can all live with the core belief that we, and the world, are beautiful, healthy, and strong, that life is the greatest good, and that humans, and our planet, are miracles of unparalleled proportions.

3 thoughts on “Miracles of Unparalleled Proportions…

  1. Marty

    I don’t think the Bible means “we are in the dark” literally,
    nor do the typical christian churches.
    The verses are talking about Jesus being on earth to show us
    “the light” or to “show us the way to greater things that we
    do not know know or understand. Meaning “we are in the darkness”
    about what there is way out there, beyond our ability to know
    all things.
    Every day NASA is finding more and more truths or knowledge
    about the Universe that we “were in the dark about,” yes?
    Just last week I read that there are many many universes, with
    stars & planets like our own that circle their stars.
    The Bible is simply trying to say that “Jesus is the way” or
    Jesus is the “light” for which we can strive and someday,
    if we believe on him, we will then “see the light” OR THE
    KNOWLEDGE THAT WE DO NOT HAVE ON THIS EARTH as we are existing now.

    1. Jonathan Kraft

      Hey Renee!

      I’m glad you see it this way. Unfortunately, I think many people do not see it this way. Look at the number of churches which have group responsorials (which people blindly repeat) about “Me, a poor miserable sinner” and “How sweet the sound that saved a ‘wretch like me’, I once was lost…”

      If Jesus is the light that we can strive for to see “someday”, then what are doing here now?

      I just think it’s healthier and more beneficial if people view themselves, others, and the world as a complete miracle.

      Even though there are teachings in religion which encourage people to view the world as miraculous, they also teach people to view humans as poor, sinful, and that life is suffering. It’s only that way for people who choose to see it that way… if their church tells them to see it that way, they will.

      That is sad to me, because the world is filled with unbounded possibility and humans are strong and beautiful bringers of light (despite being depicted as being sinful and in the dark). People can imagine and realize this beauty if they are encouraged by those whom they trust (their churches, governments, and families) to see the beauty within themselves.

  2. Marty

    In regard to Jesus & the Bible–people need to quit spending all
    their time trying to “second-guess” what each & every scripture meant,
    because most were written for specific groups of people to help them
    live better lives; and THERE LIES THE MOST IMPORTANT thing about
    Jesus visit on our Earth–to let us know that God does exist, and,
    through our belief in Jesus, we can all see God & “the light” which
    allows us to understand it all. In the mean time, our Earth would be
    a lot better off if EVERYONE would just quit being so hard-headed &
    SELF-CENTERED, and allow others to live their lives as they personally see fit, but mainly realizing that this Earth can be almost as good
    as “Heaven” if we would only follow ONE MAIN THEME presented to us
    by Jesus, and even Buddha before him, and that is TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER.
    PLUS, it would help if all the NEWS would stress just as many
    “good deeds” done every day, as the bad things they throw out there &
    most often exaggerate–that I’ve personnally experienced & know that for a fact. If we only hear “bad” all the time, we tend to feel & think
    that all is bad, & that is not true. There is SO VERY MUCH GOOD in this
    bad, and we need to be REMINDED OF THAT EVERY DAY. Just seeing the
    “good being done” each day, will ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO GOOD, as well.
    It’s basic psychology. GOD BLESS ALL.

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