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Lunch at Lake Dunstan

Cromwell New Zealand
We over-nighted in Cromwell last night. Why? Well, believe it or not, Cromwell is actually pretty interesting.

But, the truth is, that we could stay there for $18, rather than $50 in Queenstown.

Had we not, though, we would have missed this.
Cromwell New Zealand
And, really, who can go their whole lives without seeing giant fruit as a town’s centerpiece?

From Cromwell, we went back to Lake Dunstan, because it was so beautiful a few days ago, and it was almost on the way to Lake Tekapo which was our next destination.

When we got there, the lake wasn’t nearly as reflective. It figures.

One day, we can’t really see it because someone is burning something, and smoke is everywhere, and two days later, it’s too windy to be a mirror.

We decided that it was a good place to have lunch anyway.

As we were enjoying our freshly made lunch, the lake flattened out.

Cromwell New Zealand

Cromwell New Zealand
It was awesome.

Such a great place to have lunch.

And, right after lunch, I discovered that my camera works again! WOOHOO.
Lake Dunstan New Zealand

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