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Long Underwear Models Payless Shoes and liner socks

5 Days to go!
We got our long underwear in the mail. Whoo-hoo! An earlier post shows where we found the best prices on long underwear.
So here we are, in all our underwear glory, being underwear models.
Just kidding.
Kilimanjaro long underwear - CarrieKilimanjaro long underwear - JonathanCarrie auditioned for the underwear model position, but later felt a little nervous about being an underwear model, so this is all you get of Carrie in her long underwear.
As for Jonathan, well, he auditioned for the long underwear model position as well, and didn’t feel nervous at all.  In fact, he was happy to share the picture, but Carrie and Jonathan both decided that the rest of the world might not be that excited about seeing Jonathan as an underwear model… so here’s Jonathan in hislong underwear, from the waist up.
Liner Socks - Moosejaw PackageWe also got our liner socks from MooseJaw.  MooseJaw’s slogan is “Love the Madness” and you can see from their packaging that they remain true to their mission. Liner Socks - Moosejaw Package 2We wanted to share their packaging with you, because it just cracks us up. (See the earlier post for the
best prices we found on liner socks.) We each got 8 pairs of liner socks, and 4 pairs of thicker climbing/hiking socks for the Kilimanjaro climb. (Carrie’s allergic to wool, so she got different climbing/hiking socks than I did.) Here’s the strategy with liner socks… we have one one
pair of liner socks for each day of the climb, and we’ll wear the thicker hiking socks two days for each pair. That way, we can wear a new pair of liner socks each day, without actually packing 8 pairs of the thick climbing socks. Conserving space is a necessity on this trip!
Liner Socks - Moosejaw Package 3Doug Kelley, a friend of ours who has done extensive mountain climbing, left us a really nice message, wishing us well, and he offered us this piece of advice. “Once you’re done packing, unpack and leave behind 1/3rd of what you packed initially. You will NEVER use it!
So, we’ll see. Jonathan’s not exactly known for packing light for trips.
Payless Shoesource - boxesWe also got our lounge-around shoes through our sponsorship from Payless Shoesource. Payless Shoes - AirwalkThese are the shoes we wear around the campsite at night, when we’re done climbing for the day and just want some comfortable shoes to put on.  Carrie got the Champion shoes, and I got the Airwalk Flip shoes.
We’ll also be getting shoe liners for these shoes to make them as uber-comfortable as possible.
As well, we inventoried our stuff today… more pictures of that coming in a later posting!

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  1. Tammy Iglehart

    Have a great time you guys. I am looking forward to the updates. We will miss You while you are gone….All the best…Tammy

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