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TV FOX31’s Good Day Colorado talking about our Kilimanjaro Climb

Carrie and Jonathan (We like talking about ourselves in the third person… makes us feel special!) were interviewed by Steve Kelley on FOX31’s Good Day Colorado on May 30th. Why were we there? We were being interviewed about our Kilimanjaro climb, of course.
Here’s the video of our interview! We’re working on getting it totally accessible for everyone, but if you’re on a dial-up, it may take a long time for you to get this video.
Click play, and then be patient! It will take a minute or two. (If you’re having any problems viewing the video, please click the “Comments” below, and let us know.)

If you want to download this video, right click on THIS LINK, and then select “Save Target As” and save it on your computer somewhere.
A HUGE thank-you to FOX31 and Steve Kelley for their sponsorship!
Also, we are excited to announce, we have another two awesome sponsors…
We leave in just seven days!!! WOW!
Getting into final preparations! Thank-you to everyone for all your words of encouragement! Keep it coming!

0 thoughts on “TV FOX31’s Good Day Colorado talking about our Kilimanjaro Climb

  1. Home Based Bill

    Home Based Bill is behind you all the way. Loved the Fox 31 TV clip. Go Colorado! There will be plenty more media to come as you work your way toward the top of Mount Kilimanjaro!

  2. Brian

    Hey there! The interview was GREAT! You guys did awesome. Thanks for quick pass of the logo on the video, that was cool too! Please let us know how else we can help you! Way to go… We’re behind you all the way to the top! 🙂

  3. Sue

    Where are you? Which continent? Have tried a few times and can’t get the interview video to play. I’m kind of surprised b/c a friend has sent a couple and I’ve been able to watch them. Likewise have seen your promo video.

  4. Jonathan and Carrie

    Hi Sue! We’ve updated the video on this blog post, so you should now be able to see Steve Kelley interviewing us on Good Day Colorado about our Kilimanjaro climb (before we left). Thanks for checking it out! Jonathan and Carrie

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