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Kilimanjaro and our going away party

What is the perfect thing to do when you have only FOUR DAYS TO GO before you climb the tallest mountain in Africa? Have a “We’re climbing Mount Kilimanjaro party!”
Here are some pictures from the party…
Grandma, Bill, and Oma at the Kilimanjaro going away party
Bill, Jonathan’s Grandma, and Jonathan’s Oma.
Carrie and neighbor Samuel at the Kilimanjaro going away party
Carrie with our little friend Samuel.
Shannon and Christoph at the Kilimanjaro going away party
Something funny happened to Shannon and Christoph when this picture was taken. They were visited by a heavenly light. So rather than messing with the heavenly light (via Paint Shop), we left it in the picture.
It’s also Carrie’s birthday on June 13th, while we’re gone on our trip, so we also celebrated Carrie’s birthday too, with my parents, brother, sister, and some friends here.
Carrie and Dad at the Kilimanjaro going away party
My parents and sister gave Carrie presents for the trip, which means I got to have the benefit of Carrie’s birthday, including the presents of: spray waterproofing, baby wipes (A.K.A. Portable shower), three boxes of cliff bars, and powdered Gatorade.
In other good, exciting and fun news, we also have a new and incredible sponsor, Ms. Marge Nuttall.  You will be able to read more about this woman very soon.

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