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Kilimanjaro goodbye dinner with Shannon and Peter

Jonathan and I got to have dinner with our friends Shannon and Peter the other night. Shannon and I are in the same master’s program. The four of us met half way at Buca di Beppo in LoDo Denver. Here’s a picture of us all after we enjoyed a very wonderful dinner.  And here are some pictures of
our food. It was yummy.
Shannon gave me a really great birthday card. Here’s what she wrote: “Carrie, although it may be hard to ‘indulge’ on the side of a mountain or in the middle of the savannah, I hope you do get the chance to indulge yourself, even if it means just indulging in a few extra moments of reflection. I hope you have a very happy birthday & I’m sorry I won’t be able to be there to share it with you. Shannon”
It’s really nice to get something that you need to hear at the exact right moment. And that what she was able to do for me, both with the birthday card, and the card that she and Peter gave to Jonathan and I both. Here’s what this one said: “Congratulations! You’ve accomplished the hardest task: banishing the what-ifs & might-have-beens, and are now setting out following your dreams! May you climb every mountain with this courage & determination and may all the climbing gods grant you good weather & pleasant travel ompanions.
We’re so proud of you (and a little jealous too!). Kudos, luck & bring us back great pics! Shannon & Peter” Wow,
Shannon should really work for Hallmark. I wish I could write things that carried as much meaning and faith and “good vibes” as she does.
Jonathan and I always love spending time with our friends, and this was an especially good time (maybe because of this fountain inside the restaurant). Well, thanks again Shannon and Peter. Shannon asked for the great pics, because she does awesome work taking pictures and turning them into DVDs. She has her own website called
Shanbrite Designs. I’ve seen a few of her projects and they turned out so great that we have commissioned her to take all of our pictures and turn them into a DVD for us!
That way all of our friends can easily check out our pictures, and any time we want to reminisce, we can just pop in a DVD. You’ll see more of her work soon. Thanks Shannon and Peter; we love you guys!

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  1. MichelleM

    Glad you tried out Buca’s! Hope you enjoyed the food and the “atmosphere”. 🙂
    Happy Birthday, Carrie.
    Love ya and have an awesome time in Africa!
    Your sis,

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