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And we thought we were prepared

The night before leaving for our big trip, Jonathan and I thought we were pretty well prepared. We had separated everything we needed into piles, one for him, and one for me. All that was left was to actually pack them. Because our trip ranges from the touristy to the adventurous, we had to pack for two trips. We have these big backpacks that are home to all of our Kilimanjaro gear. And now that they’re packed, we’re not opening them until we get to Africa. We did our gear checks both before packing, and as we packed, so we’re sure we have everything. But, it was pretty interesting fitting 10 days worth of stuff for 5 climates, and sleeping bags and pads into one backpack. Then we moved on to packing for our tourist part of this trip. By this time it was pretty late, about 2:30am. Jonathan came into the bedroom, looks at me and says, “Do I need any sweaters?” Yes, Jonathan, we’ll need lots of sweaters to visit NYC, DC, and Florida in June! Well, we were up all night getting ready, but we’re here, and the only thing that was forgotten was a toothbrush.

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