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A second great couch surfing experience

couch surfing in hong kong
We just completed our second great experience using the site

Before coming to Hong Kong, we researched and found a few people with similar interests and people we thought we’d enjoy meeting while “surfing” on their couch for a few nights.

We sent them emails and ended up deciding to couch surf with David.

David’s place was amazing. He works with the libraries here with the University of Hong Kong.
couch surfing in hong kong
His apartment is wonderful, filled with unique items from all over the world, and has an amazing view off the Northwest side of Hong Kong Island.

While working on the Internet, we could watch the giant container ships coming and going.

While getting to know David, we also got the opportunity to hear his music and help him to optimize the web pages he and his team work on at the University of Hong Kong.

While having dinner with David, we heard some fun and unique stories about travel in Japan and China.

I think some people have the belief that they could never just go into a stranger’s house and stay for the weekend or a few days.

But the vast majority of people in the world are good people. It’s the only way the world actually works. That’s not to say there aren’t bad apples to be avoided. (I tend to hold the belief with Jim Rohn that there are only about 7-10 mean and nasty people in the world… they just move around a lot.)

One of the nice things about Couchsurfing is that it lets you read reviews from other people who have stayed in the place you’re about to stay, so that you can feel comfortable about the couch you’re about to surf.

In the case of our couch surfing in both Singapore and Hong Kong, we’ve had our own room, a quiet and comfortable place to sleep, and more importantly, we’ve made friends in cities where we might have just stayed in hotels.

That, to me, is the true value of doing a Couch surf.

Thank-you David, for making our time in Hong Kong so nice.

8 thoughts on “A second great couch surfing experience

  1. Hyacintha


    I am also looking for a couch surfing accomodation,just like David I will work in the University of Hong Kong, can I have his email adress please or can you ask him to let me know if he is willing to welcome someone?

    Kind Regards

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Your best bet would be to join Couchsurfing and find David on there… Not sure what his email address is at this point, but you’ll likely be able to find him on CS. I’d recommend going that route.


  2. Fadiela Johnson

    Im from S.A. and will be visiting a few days in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok , and Dubai. Thanks for the web, ill keep you posted

      1. Mr. G-Dan Grubell

        I registered with “” but it must be the censors in China that interfer with things. I even sent a photo. But itnis not working. I AM IN shanghai now ready to leave on the 3rd for Hong Kong to get my visa fixed. It will take 4 or 5 days
        to fix. My email is: if anyone can help

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