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Jaiwana Haveli Hotel in Udaipur, India

Jaiwana Haveli Hotel in Udaipur
Above is a picture of the palace in Udaipur, as viewed from Jaiwana Haveli

I don’t know where to begin to write this review. I could talk about the fantastic service we received from everyone at the hotel. Or I could talk about the food in the rooftop restaurant. I could mention the amazing view from our room.

The service is impeccable. Yash, is the owner and manager, and his staff are very detail and service oriented. They are very welcoming and helpful. When we arrived, Yash made sure we were served a glass of cool limeade.
Jaiwana Haveli Hotel in Udaipur
Our bags were carried up the to the room for us, and the AC was turned on anticipating our arrival.

There are also itineraries posted in the lobby downstairs for what to see and do in Udaipur, and the best time of day to see each thing. I found this really helpful. It’s nice to know when to go in addition to where to go.

The first room we were in was great. It was a huge room with a big bathroom, and an amazing view. The AC worked well, and it was very quiet. The bed was very comfortable.
Jaiwana Haveli Hotel in Udaipur
The only downside is that because we were in a newly renovated room, we did not have internet access in our room. I imagine that when the renovations are complete, that there will be access in all the rooms.

We originally booked the Jaiwana Haveli for 4 nights, but we ended up staying for 6 because we liked it so much. For our last two nights there, they moved us to another room. This one was even better. It had a fridge and a very large private balcony where we could watch the sunset every night.
Jaiwana Haveli Hotel in Udaipur
The rooftop restaurant serves some of the best food I’ve had in my life. It was amazing. We tried nearly everything on the menu, and it was all delicious. And the average price per meal was about $3.25.

As I’m writing this, we’ve already moved on from Udaipur, but I’m dreaming of going back, and wishing we’d stayed longer. The next time we’re in Udaipur (and there will be a next time), we’ll definitely return to Jaiwana Haveli.
Jaiwana Haveli Hotel in Udaipur

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