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Poem: Facts About Goats

Someone asked me to write poems about goats.  So I did.  Here’s one of the poems I wrote.

Facts About Goats
by Jonathan Kraft

In Finland Santa is joulupukki.
That means “Christmas Goat”
That’s kind of funny to translate,
and on that unique note…

Here are a few things to share with you
about what makes goats so great.
Take one small second because I reckon
this short poem won’t make you late.

Goats were domesticated around 7000 B.C.
Domesticated goats are found worldwide.
Pygmy goats are a species, not a breed.
Ancient Greeks made parchment from goat hide.

Goats are somewhat picky about what they eat,
Sometimes carrots, sometimes grass, but not tin cans.
Careful ‘bout a mouse, but a goat in the house?
Well, it won’t eat your frying pans.

Contrary to belief, goats do not eat tin cans,
but rectangle eyes do let goats see in the dark.
One Angora can give four mohair pounds per year.
Goats were on the adventures of Lewis and Clark.

Goats are also quite strong-willed.
They have to make up their own mind.
You can’t push or pull. You can only cajole.
Goats only acquiesce when resigned.

Thanks for taking a moment
to learn about goats and their lives.
Please pass this rhyme along, keep it going strong,
so that this knowledge of goats will thrive.

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