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Giveaway Friday: Your Most Memorable Movie Moment (Free Movie Tickets!)

I’ve been reading a book called “Story”.  It’s about all of the elements that make a movie screenplay work, and how people get drawn in to really good storytelling.

Stories are why the following words grab our attention:

  • “Once upon a time…”
  • “There was once a…”
  • “Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

We’re drawn in because we want to know what’s going to happen…

What will the story be?

What’s coming up next?

As we’ve moved back into the year now, as Christmas is over and Valentine’s Day has come and gone, you may need a little escape into a story.

Today’s giveaway Friday is for you and someone you care for to go and enjoy a story on the big screen!

For this Giveaway Friday, Carrie and I are giving away 2 movie tickets to any movie theater near you. 

When you win, just let us know what movie theater you want to go to, and we’ll get you two tickets.

Go ahead and follow the instructions below to win this Giveaway Friday.

Step 1: Like this post on Facebook, Tweet it on Twitter, or +1 it on Google.

Step 2: Post a comment below.  Let us know your favorite movie.  

In order to be entered to win, your comment must include:

  • Your favorite movie (including the REAL title)
  • What is it about the story that makes you love the movie?  (Be specific.)

4 thoughts on “Giveaway Friday: Your Most Memorable Movie Moment (Free Movie Tickets!)

  1. Amber Davis-Sato

    My favorite movie: Orson Wells and Joan Fontaine version of Jane Eyre
    Why?: It is black and white, it draws you into the story just like the book, it creates an atmosphere of darkenss, brooding and foreboding…you feel all the pain that Jane Eyre experiences and all the joy when she meets Rothchild. I could watch it over and over and it always creates the same feelings and experience as the first time!

  2. Saralyn

    My favorite movie is unstoppable. The story starts off when a train has been left unattended, travelling at a high speed. It shows how a person can be prepared to give up their life, in order to stop the train and how important good decisions have to be made (to prevent further losses of lives). Along with Denzel Washington’s superb acting, this is why it is my favorite movie.

  3. Marty

    No, you changed your question that was in the title!!
    Your title states: “Your most Memorable Movie Moment!!”HA!—So here
    is mine:
    When I had taken my kids & a bunch of their friends (something we did
    often) to the movies & beforehand we went into a little Fish & Chips
    & bought a bunch of fried fish & frenchfries & sneaked them into the
    movie theatre. (I had very little money back then & could not afford to buy movie foods for all of us). We’re all sitting there “eating away”
    watching the movie & having a great time, when the movie usher comes to us & leads us all to the movie theatre manager whom promptly threw us all out of the theatre!! HA!!
    It seems everyone could smell our wonderful food!! HA!
    OK. My favorite movie was always “Gone With The Wind” (just for the lovely southern charm, I guess), UNTIL I saw “Rio.” This is the best
    3-D animated movie I have ever seen in my life. It’s just an all-round
    wonderful, delightful, family movie that everyone should see.
    A lovely, charming, love story of 2 birds, & the best 3-D annimation
    I have ever seen. They really should have won the top movie awards in my opinion. I havn’t been to a movie in ages & think that was the last
    one I attended, but EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS MOVIE IN 3-D.

  4. Dee

    My favorite movie is The Count of Monte Cristo. It has everything — romance, betrayal, friendship, survival and revenge. It covers all sorts of issues ranging from family and commitment to goals and priorities. I think both versions (the 1934 and more recent one) are fabulously acted and wellwritten (esp. amazing for a film based off a top notch novel)! Definitely a good action-packed and emotionally stirring story! 🙂

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