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Giveaway Friday: Habits Have a Huge Heaviness For Humans (Free Slight Edge Books!)

Book Cover for The Slight Edge by Jeff OlsonMike Litman has a CD called “Greatness Held Hostage”.

On that CD, he says that “people form habits, and habits form futures.”

During the time I aggressively built Pre-Paid Legal Services, I learned a lot about my own habits and the habits of others.

One of the big things I learned is that people want to HAVE certain things in life, and so they go out into the world and DO more, thinking that more actions will let them have the things they want in life.

But even if they acquire those things…

People only keep or value the things they have once they become the kind of person necessary to have those things.

Most people are living in a state of “I do, so that I will have.” DO-HAVE.

The part they are missing (and the reason why so many people have a hard time sticking with things long-term), is the BE part of the equation.

BE – DO – HAVE goes something like this:

I am.

Because I am, I continue to do.

Because I continue to do, I have.

Because I am and continue to be (a certain way), I continue to do, and so… I continue to have.

This is a philosophy of living.

Having what you want in life involves changing your philosophies on life.

Philosophies (BEING) are what lead to actions (DOING).

Actions are what lead to habits (DOING long-term).

Habits (doing long term) are what lead to results (HAVING).

Results are what lead to lifestyle (HAVING long-term).

I learned how to describe this simple system of philosophy through my involvement with Pre-Paid Legal, from a mentor and friend named Patrick Shaw, and from his mentor Jeff Olson.

Jeff Olson wrote a book called “The Slight Edge.”

It’s short, and a quick easy read, but one which can change anyone’s life once they take the time to read and apply it’s message.

One of Carrie’s and my goals is to help other people achieve their goals.

No matter what your goals are, The Slight Edge can help you achieve those goals faster.

That is why today, Carrie and I are giving out 5 free copies of The Slight Edge book.

If you would like to get your free copy of The Slight Edge, go ahead and follow the instructions below to win this Giveaway Friday.

We will ship the book directly to your door (for free) when you win.

Step 1: Use the buttons below and add this giveaway on Google+, like it on Facebook, or Tweet it to your Twitter friends.

Step 2: Using the comments below, post one of your habits that you would like to change, or one of your habits that you like and work to keep.

One simple example of this is a habit I have developed (with Carrie’s help). It’s based on the point that I like to be prepared in advance, and self-reliant. (I used to frequently ask Carrie “Have you seen my keys?” But that was a habit I wanted to change.) Knowing this, I have developed the habit of always hanging my keys at the door when I first come in, so that I can always be prepared to go right away, and be self-reliant.

I also like to look good and to be a person who is physically fit. So I have a habit that I MUST do 30 push-ups before I allow myself to go to sleep. Most days I do many more than that, but I must do at least 30 pushups before I can get in bed. This is a habit now, but it was one I worked to develop, through getting really disturbed about who I was (I couldn’t even do 15 consecutive pushups about 1 1/2 years ago).

What’s your habit you want to change, or your habit you’re working to keep?

Much success to you and we look forward to sending you your Slight Edge book!

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