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Giveaway Friday: Influential Information On Investing and Internal Improvement, Delivered Informally (Free Rich Dad, Poor Dad Books!)

Book cover for Rich Dad, Poor DadWhen I was 22, after much cajoling from a few people, I finally bought the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki.

I have few regrets in life, but one of my regrets is waiting to read this book.

(Although maybe if I had read it earlier, it wouldn’t have been as influential for me. You often have to hit these things at the right moment. This book arrived at the right moment for me.)

In any case, reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad changed my life.

Not only does Rich Dad, Poor Dad take what appears to be complex (financial, accounting, business management) and make it simple; it reframes what work is, and what it truly takes to become a successful business owner or investor.

As an example, 10 years ago, when you told someone their house was not an asset, they would actively fight against you. Today, Kiyosaki’s wisdom has shown itself to be true with the collapse of the housing market. Kiyosaki also dispels many other popular beliefs (many of which are simply untrue, but fall under the category of “conventional wisdom”) in his books. I highly recommend reading both Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and Cashflow Quadrant.

This is why, today, for Giveaway Friday, I am giving away multiple copies of the book that gave me a heavy push on my entrepreneurial path. I will ship the book to you directly if you win.

If you would like to get your free copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, go ahead and follow the instructions below to win this Giveaway Friday.

Step 1: Tweet this, like it on Facebook, and/or share it with a friend on Google+.

Step 2: Post a belief/philosophy from your family/upbringing about money.

Example… In my family, I was told that:
– I could be anything I wanted to be if I worked hard enough (a message I think has benefitted me greatly)
– Money doesn’t grow on trees (a message I have changed in my mind to be “Money doesn’t grow on trees until/unless you plant money trees”).

Step 2 is to post in the comments below a belief/philosophy from your family about money, and what you think about that message or how it affects your life.

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