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Hearing From Your Heroes (Out Of The Blue)

One of the ways we’ve been able to get a lot of traffic to our web sites is through SEO.

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization.

This is the skill or art of getting placed well in Google and other search engines, so that when people search for certain phrases, your website comes up.

Jill Whalen is someone whose newsletter I followed for a couple of years, from 2001-2003.

She sent out a weekly newsletter called the High Rankings Advisor.

I read that newsletter every week, as though it were religion.

When I first started reading it, there were lots of things I didn’t understand.

By 1 year later (I read it and applied the lessons every week for a year), I understood nearly everything that came out in the newsletter, so I started reading it less, but I still continued reading.

That newsletter and the skills I learned from it helped me really get going with making money online.

I talk about how it helped me start earning income online in one of the interviews I did for ThreeMoneyMethods.

Someone signed up for the ThreeMoneyMethods community, listened to the interview, and contacted Jill Whalen to say that they had found out about her through me.

Today, I got this message on my Facebook page from none other than Jill Whalen herself.

Hey someone just signed up for my seo…
Jill Whalen 10:06am Mar 20

Hey someone just signed up for my seo newsletter and mentioned they heard of me from your mp3 interview.

I just listened to it and wanted to thank you for the ringing endorsement!

Glad you’ve found the HRA so helpful through the years!

– Jill


It’s really cool to hear from your heroes, especially when you hear from them out of the blue and without solicitation.

It also goes to show that having a spirit of service really does pay dividends.

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