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Gaudi Houses in Barcelona, and Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia


We saw some of the Gaudi houses in Barcelona, from the outside, but they all charged an admission that seemed high 15-20 Euros in most cases (which would have been $50 for the two of us just to walk inside), so we decided to skip going inside and just to go to Gaudi’s cathedral, the Sagrada Familia, instead.


When we got there, it was closed, so we took pictures from outside. As with much of Gaudi’s work, it’s amazingly impressive in that it is so different from everything else. The Sagrada Familia must have been truly revolutionary and even shocking in Gaudi’s day.


And it’s not yet complete. In fact, it won’t be completed until 2025 (estimated). When it is completed, it will truly tower over everything else in Barcelona, but for now, much of the outside is under scaffolding.

Even if the cathedral had been open however, I don’t think we would have gone inside.

We were super disappointed to discover that it was 12.50 Euros each, just to gain entry to the building.

If you get the elevator to the roof, it would be an additional 4 Euros, so 16.50 Euros total.

This means that for Carrie and me, it would be 33 Euros, or about $42, for the two of us just to walk into a cathedral.


If I have any change in my pockets, I always donate something in every church we walk into, and I am happy to do so.

But an admission of $42 (for two) seemed very high, even for visiting a cathedral which is a giant work of art.


It’s hard to imagine a time when paying more than $20/person to walk inside a cathedral would be worth it for me, for any church, anywhere.

Again, Sagrada Familia is super impressive from the outside, but unless you’re a big Gaudi fan, I wouldn’t pay the admission to go inside.

However, if you’ve been inside Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona and you’re reading this, please comment below… considering that there are so many other amazing cathedrals in the world, is the Sagrada Familia worth more than $20 just to walk inside?


2 thoughts on “Gaudi Houses in Barcelona, and Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia

  1. Marty

    You must be kidding. I just paid $22 FOR ONE BOB WILLS CD, and
    $23 for a Roy Roger’s CD (PLUS the tax) at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Golden, CO. You should go in the Guadi house.

  2. Marty

    It’s worth $20 to see inside. Barcelona is probably my favorite
    city in Spain. The thing that amazes me the most, is that Spain
    is probably the most safe and clean Spanish speaking countries
    I’ve seen. I’ve visted there a number of times and still plan
    to return to see the far northern cities, where my
    great-great grandmother was from. She came to America at the
    age of three, and was a respectable, very hard working lady of
    high morals, that must have really stressed education as one of
    her sons and grandson were doctors, as was her husband, who
    happened to be Scottish of all things!! One of her sons was the
    President of the Arkansas Bar Asso., and became the
    State District Judge for Eastern Arkansas. Naturally, I highly
    respect the people from Spain!
    moraled and

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