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Hanging In Helsinki’s Heaven Hole

Helsinki Finland, hole in the rock church

Helsinki’s Heaven Hole

Okay, so maybe that’s not the best title for a this amazing place.

Back Story:
Some guys (and gals) got together in Helsinki the 1930’s. They wanted to build a church at the site of a large granite hill in the middle of Helsinki.

Helsinki Finland, hole in the rock church

The designers who were eventually chosen for the project many years later had a somewhat controversial design.

They wanted to carve a big hole into the large granite hill to create something truly fantastic and unique.

However, carving and moving thousands of tons of granite is difficult, and it takes a lot of years.

Helsinki Finland, hole in the rock church

The hole (that is now the church) was hand-hewn from the hardened hill. (Well not exactly completely by hand… they used some machines too.)

Because of World War 2 and other factors, Temppeliaukio church wasn’t completed until 1968

The results are absolutely stunning.

Helsinki Finland, hole in the rock church
(That’s the domed ceiling)

It is one of the most beautiful and unique churches we have ever been in (and we’ve been in a lot of them).

Helsinki Finland, hole in the rock church

The acoustics are also absolutely incredible.

We walked in, just in time to hear the warm-up/practice session for a group of 6 perfectly tuned and balanced nordic voices.

Helsinki Finland, hole in the rock church

Coincidentally, that was the name of their group: Nordic Voices.

Have a listen below as the voices bounce off the natural rock walls.

Video Title: Nordic Voices Practicing at Temppeliaukio Church in Helsinki

Video Description:
When we went to Temppeliaukio Church in Helsinki, we just happened to catch “Nordic Voices”, a group of 6 singers which performs all kinds of music a capella, from all over the world.

When you get to Helsinki, Finland, definitely visit Temppeliaukio Church. it is hollowed out of a granite mountain and is absolutely an amazing work of architecture.

(Interesting note: the walls actually seep water, but the floor of the church accommodates drainage underneath).

While you’re in Helsinki, make sure you visit the heaven hole in the hill, otherwise known as Temppeliaukio Church.

Helsinki Finland, hole in the rock church

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