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Apartamentos Jade, Mallorca Spain


There are thousands of other hotels and accommodation options in Mallorca, Spain.

We said it was noisy, they said “not our fault” (En Espanol/Catalan, but that was the general idea.)

We asked to change rooms, they said “no”.

It’s pretty nice here when it’s quiet.

But that’s only about 10 hours of the day (from 3 am until 12 noon).

The rest of the time, from the inside of your room, with the door closed and earplugs in your ears, you WILL definitely be listening to either Schlager Musik, or a football game, coming from the BierKoenig next door.


I feel bad for the hotel, as it’s not their fault that they have a noisy neighbor next door.

But they could also insulate the doors or create other solutions to block the noise.

Here are four reasons you COULD consider staying at the Apartamentos Jade.

However, if you have ANY reasons other than these, you should stay somewhere else when you come to Mallorca.

1. If you’re planning on coming to Mallorca to get completely drunk, and pretend like you’re at Oktoberfest in Germany (while being close to the beach on an island in Spain), Apartamentos Jade may be a good option for you.

2. If you want fourteen hours per day of non-stop German Schlager Musik from the beer “tent” next door known as the BierKonig, you’ll likely enjoy Apartamentos Jade.

3. If you like hearing thumping music until 4 AM, you’ll probably really appreciate Apartamentos Jade.

4. If you want a clean, inexpensive room with a good kitchenette, and don’t mind a bus ride to get to the more interesting parts of Mallorca, you might like Apartamentos Jade.

If you want something else (a quiet room), we recommend you stay somewhere else when you come to Mallorca.


2 thoughts on “Apartamentos Jade, Mallorca Spain

  1. Mom

    Definitely not your cup of tea, but looks pretty nice!! I know I wouldn’t appreciate the noise either. Just like in Cancun, I’m sure there’s quiet places to stay!

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