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Copenhagen, Denmark: What $2.50 Will Buy You – Costs in Denmark

Beer in Denmark is expensive, like everything else.A few years back, we posted to this site what $2.50 would buy you in Panama.

You can get A LOT on Panama for $2.50.

Turns out that in Copenhagen, Demnark, $2.50 will buy you very little. For 15 Krone, (which is about $2.75 currently), I bought half a loaf (10 pieces) of bread.

Now it’s really good, heavy, dense, northern European style bread (the best style of bread in the world), but overall, it really is very expensive here in Copenhagen.

Yesterday we had lunch for 4 plus one Coke, at a nice café called Emma’s near the famous Copenhagen circus. The food was great, but we spent over $110 on lunch for 4 (which was 2 sandwiches, a burger, and a brunch plate with pancakes).

Today we went for 2 coffees, a tea, and a hot chocolate. We were at a nice (but pretty standard) coffee shop near one of the large cathedrals here in Copenhagen – the cost was 138 Krone, or $27.60. (That’s about $7/coffee.)

Last night we went for a beer at one of Copenhagen’s English pubs. I had a local cider, Carrie had Tuborg (Danish beer which is definitely better from the tap – though a decent beer even from a can.) The tab for 4 beers was 240 Krone, or about $48. (That’s $12/pint.)

I bought a hot chocolate (to go) at a bakery, in a cup sized smaller than the smallest Starbuck’s size in the US, and the cost was 32 Krone – over $6.

Larry wanted to buy a winter hat to keep his head and ears warm. We went into a boutique style shop – the cost for 1 winter hat was going to be 250 Krone (over $45).

Instead, we went to H&M – there are at least a couple in Copenhagen. H&M is one of our favorite stores to get things while in inner cities in Europe (apparently, since we’ve bought from H&M almost every time we’ve been in Europe, and the clothes fit very well). Carrie found Larry a discounted price (50% off) on a nice red winter hat for 20 Krone (about $4), which was far discounted from any other prices we’d seen.

I thought this might be due to the devaluing of the dollar, which we have witnessed a lot during our last 3 years of travel.

But averaged across the last 4 years, the Krone has had a value of about 5.5 Krone to 1 USD, which is about what it is right now.

Copenhagen appears to be a nice city.

Downsides here include that it’s cold this time of year, and also that it’s very expensive.



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