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Poem: I Am The Song

I Am The Song
by Jonathan Kraft

I create my own rhythm
The power to build is in me
and so when I’m pushed to sing a different tune
I fight to sing and make the life that I see

Not some other drummer or big brass horn
or banging cymbal or faded tune
I develop the might to have the right
to be allowed to walk under any moon

I am the song in my own life
the color, the light, the tree, flower, and bee
I mentally stay where I can really play
for it is then that I know I am free.

Written in 2008 at Hotel Esturion in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina



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    1. strive4impact Post author

      Thank-you for your words of encouragement and for reading! How are you doing in your journey and goal for this year of finding a company within which you can feel a part of the team?

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