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Poem: Abundance All Around

Abundance All Around
by Jonathan Kraft

Piles and boxes
of abundance all around me
And yet I am not seeing it
And I don’t understand why I’m not feeling it
And why do I worry
About becoming somebody
About not being somebody
About who I’m becoming
About the me who I used to be
About lack
Not enough time
Not enough resources
Not enough money

And yet there’s plenty
And more to add to the plenty
And am I serving
and who am I service
And how can I best be of service

And what are the skills that pay me
And are those the skills that I’m sent here to share
And where am I sent from
And why am I lost
And who am I
trying to impress
or am I trying to impress or act?
And why can’t I write without
wondering what will become of the writing
And who will read it
And who cares, just write
And who will care enough to read it?

And why do I feel self-pity
and why do I feel ashamed of this self-pity
because there’s nothing to pity.

You have it all, you just have to act.

Be grateful,
ask for direction,
Them act.

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