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Boquete, Panama: The Vacation Rental Casita That Is Our For Now Home

The Vacation Rental we found in Boquete, Panama – where we’re living right now. Hope you enjoy the tour of our vacation rental home away from home.
(Even though we’re not “on vacation”, ‘vacation rental in Boquete, Panama’ are the words I typed into Google to find this excellent place.)
More info soon via text, but for now, this video will show you around where we’re staying here just outside of Boquete!

Zoom out on the map below to get a better idea of where this is located… (It’s not on the satellite view actually because it wasn’t built at the time the satellite images were taken – but I’ve got it marked correctly.)
Where we’re staying is the yellow house on the map below.
To the West is the volcano.
To the south is the town of Boquete.

0 thoughts on “Boquete, Panama: The Vacation Rental Casita That Is Our For Now Home

    1. Jonathan

      Hey Michelle!

      Glad you enjoyed the video and sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your comment here!

      We’re looking forward to having you come and visit us somewhere!


  1. Jesse

    Dude, love the video. Did you make that in SonyVegas?
    Looks like you two are having a great time (minus the last post about mites)
    Hey I found this really cool site that might be something of use for your greenjoyment site:

    1. Jonathan

      Hey Jesse!

      Thanks for the greengadgeting site. Good to know about.

      The video was made in Sony Vegas. Have you started using Sony Vegas at all?



  2. Bill and Kathy

    Hey Carrie and Johnathan,
    Do you remember the name of the place you stayed in Boquete? Kathy and I are going to Boquete later this year and would love to find a place like that for a month or two. What are the prices?…..We were in Panama in Jan. 09 and fell in love with the people and location. What was your general impression of the area, country, location panama in general….Keep having a good time you lucky guys….I need a few more years to retire and live your life…

    Bill and Kathy Lauer
    Cedar Springs, MI

    1. Jonathan

      Hey Bill and Kathy!

      We LOVED Panama. The beach at Las Olas was WONDERFUL and mostly locals (though there are some nice amenities there for Americans/Europeans as well). David is HOT, HOT, HOT, (as in temperature) but staying in Boquete and visiting David was really nice… Boquete offers a great way to get out of the heat while being in the valley of eternal spring.

      As far as the place we stayed:

      It’s run by David and Cora, whose BEAUTIFUL home is actually right next door, and if you’re lucky, they might even invite you over for drinks or dinner sometime.

      Cora also runs a great web site at

      I don’t know if they have availability right now as their place stays pretty booked, but I’ll send Cora an email, and CC you on it, to put you in touch with them.

      Where did you stay when you were in Panama before?

      That’s funny that you want a few more years to retire and live our life… thanks for the compliment!

      We do work while we travel (even though sometimes it may appear otherwise), and so we have to always stay somewhere with an Internet connection. Okay… not always, but we rarely go more than 3 days without connecting up to get some work done.

      If you’re interested in seeing what we do, please do visit our Ventures page at

      Hope that’s helpful!

      Be on the lookout for an email from me to Cora and you.



  3. Betsy

    Enjoying your You tube and blogs! guys sure know how to live. Do you know how I an rent that Boquete home you rented? I am going there in November.Thanks! Betsy

  4. Lisa

    Who would’ve thought two years later and I might actually get to see this place in person!! WOW — looks like paradise — I can hardly wait. Thanks for the video preview — I don’t remember seeing the outtakes at the end before — they’re great too!! Love you guys! Mom

  5. Caliyat

    Hey there,

    Literally stumbled across your video while looking for information that could be trusted about Boquete …on YouTube. Silly me.

    Such a joy to discover you. The two of you are an inspiration.
    How to live — truly live. Adapt. Change. Go & Grow.

    That duly noted, I am seeking information about the lovely casita where you stayed in Boquete, Chiriqui,Panama.
    Want to know if it is still up and running in September 2013 for future rental.
    BTW/Your website looks full of useful information. Plan to devote some serious time to it ASAP.
    Thank you for being such amazing role models. Never stop exploring.

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Hi Caliyat! I’ll respond in an email about the casita rental.

      Thank you for your wonderful compliments.

      Please continue to spend time within the site and comment.

      We’re happy to have you visit and to help however we can!

      Thank you!

  6. Linda

    Hello Jonathon!

    Love the video. Thank you so much for posting it! We are going to stay there in September and October. We are so looking forward to it!


    1. strive4impact Post author

      You are very welcome for the video and I’m glad you loved it! I’m sure you’ll enjoy Dave, Cora, and Boquete! Share your time there with us… we’ll be happy to hear about your experiences. Make sure to do the Cafe Ruiz Boquete Coffee tour.

  7. Linda

    Hello Jonathon!

    So good to hear from you! We will definitely share out experiences! I am an avid photographer and always taking pictures! My husband is the writer:) We are very new to this and we are having so much fun meeting new and wonderful people. Here is our blog:

    You and Carrie are sure living life! Working as you travel. What a fabulous plan!

    I read your page about scar tissue. Very well written!


    1. strive4impact Post author

      Thanks Linda!

      I checked out your site and attempted to comment with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but though I authorized all of them to comment, it wouldn’t let me comment. Here’s the comment I posted re: Holly’s responses to you about Boquete.

      I hope you really enjoy Boquete! After travels to more than 40 countries, it is still one of our favorite places on the planet because of the climate and the great people we’ve gotten to know there, Panamanians and expats alike.

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