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Barcelona: Gaudi’s Garden Park Guell


Barcelona is at least partially known for Gaudi and his artistic and architectural contributions to the city.

It’s a shame that the day we went to see Gaudi’s Park Guell (in Barcelona), it was absolutely overrun with tourists. It made for interesting people watching, but as far as going somewhere and feeling like we were having any kind of authentic experience, that was just not the case on the day we visited. Park Guell is interesting, to be sure, and definitely unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. It comes recommended to visit here.


Also climb to the top of the hill above Park Guell because it gives a great view of Barcelona to the ocean.


We did enjoy our time at Park Guell seeing something quite different. However, it was quite difficult to see it because of the sheer numbers of people who were there.


If you do go to Park Guell, I’d recommend going very early in the morning when they first open, or at some other point when there are fewer tourists around.

One thing we found interesting to watch (and a bit sad as well) was the constant struggle between the vendors trying to sell things to the tourists, and the police who were attempting to stop (and potentially even confiscate from) the guys with their necklaces, jewelry, and magnets. The vendors would set everything out on blankets or umbrellas, but at least 3 times during our 2 hours in Park Guell, we saw a mass of about 100 vendors gather up all four corners of their blanket/sheet display and go running in one direction. Not long after, 2 police officers would come walking through the same area.


This was a constant scene of setting up to sell, and then packing things up and running away just as quickly. We’ve seen this many places in our travels, but it was most obvious to us in Park Guell.

Again, Park Guell is worth a visit, just find a way to avoid the tourists.


2 thoughts on “Barcelona: Gaudi’s Garden Park Guell

  1. Marty

    I am so pleased to see you made it to this place I told you about
    that I knew you’d really enjoy. It’s definitely unique. I have no
    real knowledge as to why the police kept sweeping in & the vendors
    ran, but I have a guess. Depending on how dark the vendors skin was,
    may be a clue. Many vendors in Spain are actually from Moracco, ie.
    Africa, & along with selling, there is also a lot of pickpockening
    as well has other slight-of-hand dealings, especially if the vendor has
    more than one person working with them. I should have warned you sooner. This is also fairly typical in Israel, but there the sellers on the streets are often Arabs & they are better than a magician & can even pull your bills from out of your hands without you ever noticing.
    I caught it just by accident & it was an old man working with a young teen. Watch your pockets and women should never carry a purse. Keep your eyes open, in all directions at all times. One of my lady friends had traveler checkes stollen as we were exchanging money right at the exchange counter in Costa Del Sol. Also, have fun. Your pictures are fantastic. I’d like to have a couple of them of all the tiled houses. That is probably my most favorite town in Spain, and the best time is St. John’s day for the night fireworks all over the city which I think was June 4th??? You can search this on the computer.
    that are

  2. Marty

    Every year St John’s Day (Sant Joan) is celebrated throughout Spain with an explosion of bonfires, fireworks, concerts and dances. Catalonians celebrate in their idiosyncratic way and Barcelona is one of the most spectacular places to join in the fun.

    The fiesta takes place the night before Saint John’s Day, which coincides with the summer solstice. The most enjoyable part of the
    Noche de Sant Joan are the verbenas (open-air celebrations) that last from sunset on 23 June to sunrise on 24 June. (looks like I managed
    to leave off the 2!! The fireworks are actually on June 23, but I guess that date can vary. You can sit at the top of the hill overlooking town and see fireworks all over.

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